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The Extravagant Fool by Kevin Adams

    The Extravagant Fool by Kevin Adams

    The Element of Time

    When we read the Scriptures, sometimes we forget the element of time. We are told that Noah is to build an ark, he’s given instructions, and told he did everything just as God commanded. Then the next chapter says it is about to rain. We are not given an account of Noah building the ark. A process which some have said took Noah 100 years.

    In some of the other stories we are given accounts of their processing, but still the element of days is lost in the quick recount. Moses was forty years old when he killed the Egyptian and fled Egypt; he was eighty when he returned; and, he was 120 when he died in the wilderness. That is a long time of processing.

    The Extravagant Fool

    Because of these unaccounted years, we tend to have a hard time applying their faith to our lives. The Extravagant Fool by Kevin Adams gives us a modern glimpse of this processing. What does it look like to live by faith in today’s world?

    Adams explores questions like: Did I really hear God? What does this word require of me? Am I going to trust that word over the pressuring circumstances? Will I give up in response to disbelief from friends and family?

    Adams was not told to build an ark or rescue people out of slavery; he was told to write. The process God used to get Adams to listen, to build trust, and to see fulfillment of God’s word is the point of this book. Adams lets you into his life and humbling processes of getting him to trust God. You will read how this process affected his finances, his marriage, his friends, etc.

    The life of faith is not just one big decision to trust God, but a complicated series of decisions to continue to trust when life appears going against His word. Adams writing style draws you into his story. By sharing his processing, Adams invites you into a deeper level of trust in your relationship with God. God is not boring; He has a wonderful adventure for your life. Are you brave enough to actually and literally trust God for everything? I believe you will enjoy The Extravagant Fool by Kevin Adams.

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