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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : worldview : Why Would the Bible Say The Stones Cry Out?

Why Would the Bible Say The Stones Cry Out?

    Stones Cry Out in My Place

    “I tell you,” he replied, “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.”
    Luke 19:40

    The Triumphal Entry

    Here is the scene. Passover was about to begin, and the crowds were descending upon Jerusalem to celebrate and give their sacrifice. Jesus was among the crowd… There He is riding on a donkey. The people start to make way for Him. They are not only creating a path, but they also throw down palm branches and their outer garments. In joyous celebration they shout out their praises: “Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!”

    Today is Palm Sunday where we remember this scene. Recently I was rereading this Bible passage afresh and verse 40 jumped out at me. We, Christians, love this verse. It’s a motivational verse that gives voice to our praise, gives a verse for our song. “The rocks are not going to shout on my watch.”

    Would the Stones Have Really Had Cried Out?

    Did Jesus really mean this? Would the rocks have really had cried out? Some have insinuated that Jesus was striking a contrast between the rocks and the hardness of the Pharisees’ hearts. I guess He could have meant that, but I also believe that the stones would have really cried out.

    I believe that there was more going on than just that stones were about to burst forth in praise. I mean, why were the rocks about to cry out? Is that just an everyday thing for stones to do? This is what stood out to me. Something extraordinary was going on. The king was about to be revealed, and all of creation was preparing to worship Him.

    There Is A Way I Want You To Respond

    Here is what I believe God was saying: there is a way I want you to respond to me. It is not always the same. Look to see what I am doing and respond accordingly.

    The Pharisees got it wrong; the children got it right. How can we get it right?

    Things of the Spirit Are Looking for Expression in the Natural

    I believe the spiritual realm is bursting with emotion. There are things going on in the spirit that are looking for expression in the natural. That day of Jesus’ entry, the spiritual realm was celebrating. And Jesus’ words meant, there is a celebration going on in the spirit that if it doesn’t find expression in these cheers, the rocks themselves will cry out.

    As we join into what is going on in the spirit, we release what heaven wants to do on earth. O God, open our eyes to the spiritual realities going on around us. May we tap into heaven’s plans and find a natural flow in things of the Spirit.

    Turn your ear
    To Heaven and hear
    The noise inside
    The sound of angels awe
    The sound of angels’ songs
    And all this for a King
    We could join and sing
    ‘All to Christ our King!’


    3 thoughts on “Why Would the Bible Say The Stones Cry Out?”

    1. Kevin,
      as always I love the way you give a different take on passages of scripture.

      this, in particular, speaks so much to me. I am in hearty agreement with you. if we look to Revelation 4, we read about the worship in Heaven. sometimes, when I’m looking at the natural world, a garden, the ocean, it feels as though the ecstatic praise of heaven is bursting out all around me, in The buzzing of the bees, the crash of the waves on the shore and the cry of the seagulls and it makes me what to join in.

      doesn’t Isaiah 55:12 talk of the trees and fields breaking out in song?

      great, wonderful observation. let’s join the natural world and the heavens in praise!

      1. Dear Caroline,
        Thank you for your consistent encouragement. I love how nature draws us to God. The rock used in this picture was taken in our city. It’s an area where tons of rocks have grown up, some taking on different shapes as the elephant here. It’s incredible the diversity in God’s creation. There are so many ways God is calling us to Himself.
        Thanks again,

    2. Kevin,
      Thank you for showing a different angle to this passage. Most of the time, whenever I would read that story, I pictured Jesus somehow being totally straight-faced and solemn–which actually seems like a stark contrast to the praises going on around Him. However, this angle makes me imagine Him smiling a bright smile as He says the rocks would cry out. I love it when Jesus reveals His fun and joyous side, or anything emotional about Himself, to me. It makes Him more personal and real to me.

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