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Abundant Living by Kevin Shorter

Abundant Living by Kevin Shorter

    I have written Abundant Living for people to experience more of God’s joy over them. He has such great ideas for us if only we knew how to catch them.

    PRAY Method by Pete Grieg

    PRAY Method by Pete Greig

      The PRAY Method was developed by Pete Greig of the 24/7 prayer movement. This method gives a wonderful process to enhance and empower your prayers.

      Lead Our Children to Love God

      Lead Your Children to Love God

        There are times where we feel like we are failing. We have all been there. Here are 10 blog posts to help you raise your children to love God.

        Pray for Your Students

        10 Things to Pray for Your Students

          As a Christian, you want to be a positive influence on your students. As such, prayer is your lifeline. Here are 10 things to pray for your students.

          the greatest showman review - christian

          The Greatest Showman Review

            There were themes in this movie that awakened my heart greatly. Here are 10 things that Christians should love about the Greatest Showman.

            Pray for hope and faith

            Pray for Hope and Faith

              To pray for hope and faith, it’s good to pray outloud who God is and how He views you. It gives your faith something to hold onto until you really believe.