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Pray for Leaders

How to Pray for Our Leaders

World leaders have much on their shoulders and as Christians we are responsible to life them up. What are we to pray for our leaders?

Ways to Cure Doubt

Guaranteed Cure for Doubt

John was at Jesus’ baptism, saw the dove descend on Jesus, heard the voice. Why does John now doubt? Here are 2 ways Jesus will cure doubt for John and us.

What to Pray for Your Husband

10 Things to Pray for Your Husband

You want the best for your marriage and family. Powerfully partner with God on your behalf. Here are 10 things to pray for your husband.


10 Things to Pray for Your Wife

Proverbs 31 provides the script for what to pray for your wife. Do you want your wife to be even more amazing and happy? Partner with God for His help.

Breaking Free by Kevin Shorter Banner

Breaking Free by Kevin Shorter

Breaking Free by Kevin Shorter looks at the roots that allowed addiction to spring up and how to eradicate them. Freedom is available!

Pray Psalm 1

What Does Psalm 1 Mean for Prayer?

This is what Psalm 1 means for prayer. You see something God wants then pray for it to happen and ask God for why it might be hindered from you.

Just Do It

How to Grow in Your Faith: Just Do It!

Whatever it is, I will commit to just do it. I will not wait until I am perfect or until I have it all figured out. I will just move forward with faith.

Emergency Prayers

4 Things to Pray in an Emergency

Emergencies happen in life. Step into these situations with faith and not fear. Here are 4 things to pray in an emergency to help change the outcome: