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prayer guides

Simple Statement of Faith

What I Believe

    For the growing community that gave me their confidence by following this blog and for those that need to hear God is for them, here is what I believe.

    ManAlive-Mark Peterson

    ManAlive by Mark Peterson

      ManAlive by Mark Peterson will give you direction for how to release abundant life in men. Do yourself a favor and buy this book.

      Challenge Life Faith

      The Challenges of the Life of Faith

        The challenges of the life of faith is real. I’m not trying to elevate my experience, however, I hope to encourage you to press on in your life of faith.


        How to Succeed in the Wilderness

          Have you tasted the joy of living in who you were called to be, but now feel you are in some forgotten place? Here is how to succeed in the wilderness.


          A Better Way to Pray by Andrew Womack

            A Better Way to Pray by Andrew Wommack takes a look at several of our misconceptions about pray and attempts to give new insights based on Scripture.

            how to fix your marriage

            How to Fix Your Marriage

              To fix your marriage, there is one thing that you can start today that will head you in the direction of a fulfilling marriage that most people don’t do.


              Translating God by Shawn Bolz

                If you are interested in growing in your ability to hear God’s voice for yourself and others, I would recommend Translating God by Shawn Bolz.