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Safeguard Against Failure

Your Safeguard Against Failure

    The reason that vulnerability and relationships are our safeguards against failure is that we need to share these things we feel are true in order to find freedom from them.

    pray for this christmas

    12 Things to Pray for This Christmas

      Jesus came to the earth to make a way for people to come to God. Our prayers can partner with God’s heart. Here are 12 things to pray for this Christmas:

      Pray for Missionaries Christmas

      Pray for Missionaries This Christmas

        Don’t feel sorry for these missionaries; just be mindful of them and pray a little extra on their behalf. By this, you will also help spread the gospel.

        Simple Statement of Faith

        What I Believe

          For the growing community that gave me their confidence by following this blog and for those that need to hear God is for them, here is what I believe.

          ManAlive-Mark Peterson

          ManAlive by Mark Peterson

            ManAlive by Mark Peterson will give you direction for how to release abundant life in men. Do yourself a favor and buy this book.