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How to Maintain Your Power While Caring For Others

    Powerful Caregiver Review

    The Simple Christian Life

    When we boil it all down, what we are called to do as Christians is fairly simple: love God and love others. Everything else is built on these two things.

    However, in my three decades of following the Lord, I have noticed many of those that faithfully give to the needs of others have a small view of themselves. They can have a bold belief in how God’s loves is reaching out to others, but they have a hard time connecting with it for themselves.

    Many people giving care to others lack power because they are trying to create in others what they don’t have for themselves.

    The Dangerous Path of Serving

    People who get jobs serving other people have one of the highest rates of depression. Health care workers, social workers, pastors, and teachers, all seem to struggle with this. This is unfortunate because their service is so necessary to adding good into the world.

    In two separate studies, one by Dr. Richard Krejcir and the other by the Schaffer Institute of Church Leadership Development, showed that around 70% of all pastors were regularly depressed. These are our Christian “professionals” who are giving of their lives to help lead us into all that God has for us. And, if they are having a hard time remaining powerful, it would be foolish to think we could just stumble upon the abundant life without some focused attention.

    You Are Important

    Don’t lose yourself as you offer help and care to others. You are doing good and taking care of others, but who is taking care of you? If your well becomes empty, how will you find life?

    Caregivers frequently lose their power because they become so focused on the needs of others, they neglect taking care of themselves. If we constantly ignore our needs, we will also ignore God’s provisions to take care of our needs. I want to do something about this.

    Academy of Powerful Caregivers

    I have created an 11-week course to empower the caregivers. This course will give you those tools you need to maintain your power as you give to others. You will learn:

    • How to Trust in the Goodness of God & the Goodness of Man
    • How to Have Empathy Without Losing Hope
    • How to Believe the Best in Others
    • How to Trust God in the Process
    • How to Form Relationships That Can Help You
    • And more…

    This Academy of Powerful Caregivers Course will give you tools to faithfully serve and care for those to whom you feel called. We called this “Powerful Caregivers” because we feel you can give from a place of strength. You have something of value to give. You desire positive change in others, and these tools are designed to give you confidence in your area of service. Go to the Academy of Powerful Caregivers to find out how you can become more powerful. I look forward to connecting with you there.

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