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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : prayer guides : How to Get Your Prayer Routine Back on Track

How to Get Your Prayer Routine Back on Track

    Prayer Routine Back on Track

    Where Have I Been?

    Last month, we have been off schedule here at the Prayer Coach. We only updated the blog twice, and there were several days of no prayer quotes on the social networks. My routine was completely broken.

    The Importance of a Prayer Routine

    For most of you who are doing well spending time with God, it is because you have established a routine. It may be a certain place in your home that you have established for Bible study. You may have two chairs set up so you can have one for God to remind you that He is really there when you pray. You may have your pattern so well established that you even wake up before the alarm.

    These prayer routines or set times for Bible study help you make times with God a priority for you. They get you to be regularly before God to help you know Him and transform yourself to be more like Him.

    When Your Routine is Derailed

    Then it happens. Your routine is broke. You get sick. You have to travel. Things need your attention.

    For me, the break was moving yet again and starting a new job. The change that breaks your routine could be good or bad. You miss a couple days. You’re out of rhythm. How do you get back on track?

    God Doesn’t Want to Punish You

    First of all, don’t beat yourself up over it. Sure God is looking forward to your times together, but He is not looking to punish you. Therefore, don’t punish yourself. Pick up where you left off.

    Sometimes we make it harder to get back to a routine because we become frustrated with breaking our habit. This is not productive. Just get back up and get it going again.

    Create a New Prayer Routine

    If you are like me and your situation just changed completely, then create a new routine. Sometimes we need a change to get us to experience God differently.

    There are infinite ways and places to meet with God. If one stops working for you, go create a new one.

    Changes happen all the time in life. Don’t let shame over missed days keep you from what God has for you today. If you need a new routine, check out this post on how to create a prayer routine. God has something for you today.

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