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God Wants to Provide For You

    God Wants to Provide For You

    Jehovah Jirah – God, Our Provider

    God is our provider. While this is a truth that we all memorized early in our Christian walk, is it something we really believe?

    Sure, we know God can provide. But how much do we really put our faith in it? This is a truth I still struggle with at times.

    Trusting In God’s Provision Is Scary

    My wife and I do our best at trying to follow God’s leading in our lives. We may get it wrong at times, but we step out in faith. This has meant moving around, leaving jobs, starting businesses, etc. Each step puts us in a place of where God needs to come through for us. Each step is scary as we watch to see if God will come through.

    We are all eager to see God perform miracles, but we forget that most miracles happen when there is no other way out. Jesus calmed the sea because the sea was about to swallow the disciples. The five thousand were fed even though they failed to prepare food for their day. David killed Goliath after every fighting man in Israel was too scared to stand. And, God provided Abraham a ram after he was committed to killing his only son.

    God Wants To Lead Us In Faith

    Will God provide is easy to believe in when things are going well. It is those times where we need Him to provide else we are not going to make it that are hard for us to continue to believe. But these are the places God is calling us into when we walk by faith.

    We have to remember that God wants to be known as our Father. As such, He wants to provide for His children.

    What would God enjoy more, that we would do everything on our own, or that we would ask Him to provide for us? Sure, any parent would love to see their child grow up and be able to provide for themselves, but that same parent would also love to give to his/her kids.

    We are not meant to stress over our needs. Whether we have more than enough or barely enough, God wants us to trust that He will take care of us. The bird and flowers don’t worry about their needs, how much more does God care for us!

    Prayer Reminds Us To Trust God’s Provision

    I was starting to get worried about finances recently wondering how we would have enough for the coming season. As I prayed over this, I felt God reassuring me of His provision. He would take care of me.

    After this time in prayer, I felt confidence for the coming season. Most of us know what the Bible says about God’s provision, but hearing from God about the matter increases our faith. It takes what could be read as a general promise and makes it personal.

    Whatever you are worrying about, whether it is about provisions or some other stress, take it to God. God loves you and wants to be with you in whatever you are going through. He is good and He is good to you.

    Additional Resources on God’s Provision

    Life wants to get us to believe that God will not come through for us. If you want to go deeper in this topic, here are some books that will help.

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