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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : prayer guides : book review : A Better Way to Pray by Andrew Womack

A Better Way to Pray by Andrew Womack


    A Better Way to Pray

    I was recently contacted to by the Outreach Team of this book to give an unbiased review of their book. I gladly accepted, as I had seen the book at a friend’s house and had skimmed several pages.

    A Better Way to Pray by Andrew Wommack takes a look at several of our misconceptions about pray and attempts to give new insights based on Scripture. Several of the topics Wommack addresses are:

    • How long should we pray?
    • What’s the purpose of prayer?
    • How should we pray?
    • Is it faith to pray again?
    • Why does it take time for our prayers to be answered?

    Making Prayer Easier to Implement

    One of the things Wommack says in the books is that “much of the traditional teaching on prayer is impossible to implement in daily life.” We set up so many rules around prayer that we direct it away from God’s design. Wommack breaks this down to identify the essentials of prayer to make it more doable and more enjoyable.

    I like this book because it takes a view that God wants and intends to answer our prayers. We don’t need to twist His arm or debate Him into doing good to us and our loved ones. Reading this book will encourage you that we follow a good and loving God.

    If you want to grow in pray, I believe you will enjoy reading A Better Way to Pray. It challenges common understanding of prayer and releases a freedom to enjoy prayer.

    Quotes from A Better Way to Pray

    1. Praying God’s solution from the Word releases life, but praying negatively and focusing on your problems only energizes and strengthens them—whether you realize it or not!
    2. God desires all believers to be so familiar with His love that our approach toward Him is bold.
    3. If a child approached his parents the way religion conditions us to approach God, they’d be accused of child abuse!
    4. Just because you spend an hour, or more, in what you call “prayer” doesn’t mean you’re accomplishing anything.
    5. Many people are releasing the power of death into their lives through their negativity in prayer.
    6. People use [prayer] to soothe their consciences, feeling like they’ve done something to manipulate and motivate God to move on their behalf.
    7. Prayer becomes religious when we try to use it for what God never intended.
    8. Prayer is not to inform “poor, misinformed God” about how bad your situation is!
    9. Praying with an adversarial, demanding, self-righteous attitude toward the Lord is totally offensive to Him.
    10. You must learn to relate to Him in the midst of your daily responsibilities and weekly routines because they occupy the majority of your life.

    4 thoughts on “A Better Way to Pray by Andrew Womack”

    1. Hello Prayer Coach,
      Thank you for introducing me to this book. I am going to try to find a copy for myself. Lately, it seems like I have been more discouraged when I pray and wonder if there is something more than just talking with God. So maybe this book will be good.

      1. Dear Rachel,

        I hope you are well. This book talks about the importance of prayer being communion with God, but its focus is addressing how we go about the asking part of our prayer. Addressing those misconceptions will be very freeing in how we understand God, just remember to focus on spending time just being with God… He wants to tell you He thinks you are amazing.


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