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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : prayer guides : 10 Things to Pray for Your Students

10 Things to Pray for Your Students

    Pray for Your Students

    The Teachers’ Lounge

    It is one of those days, and you are doing all you can just to make it through. You stumble into the teachers’ lounge to seclude yourself from the students and regroup before the next class. As you enter this oasis, what kind of motivation do you find inside?

    If it is like most schools, you hear other teachers complaining about their day or counting down the days until summer. It is not the encouragement you needed to want to go back out there with life and energy for these kids. You didn’t take this job for the money; you really wanted to make a difference. Now you are doing all you can just to finish the day without saying what’s really going on in your head.

    Motivation to Pray for Your Students

    As a Christian, you want to be a positive influence on your students. As such, prayer is your lifeline. It is effective, important, and by praying for your students, it also reminds you of your purpose for these kids.

    I recently heard some prayer requests given by children and was reminded again of the hurt they were carrying (and reminded about the hurt your students bring into your classroom each day). Some of their requests were:

    • Pray that my dad will quit drinking. He scares me when he does.
    • Please pray that my parents will quit fighting.
    • My dad is a police officer. Please pray he will not be killed.
    • Pray that I will stop being bullied at school.
    • Pray for my mom. She is sad all the time.

    10 Things to Pray for Your Students

    There is so much going on in your students’ lives, what are you to pray? I have come up with 10 things to pray for your students to help get you started. Leave comments below if you have more that can help other teachers.

    1. May they know that they are important to me and to God.

    2. May my classroom be a place of peace for them where their minds and hearts can grow into all they were created to be.

    3. May my classroom be a place of safety for them, free from discouragement, teasing and ridicule, so the are not afraid to take risks to be themselves, grow and learn.

    4. May their minds be receptive to learning and hearing God’s voice in every situation.

    5. May their hearts feel encouraged to remain pure and connected to others, so they could learn to live from their heart.

    6. May they be respectful of others and learn how to make friends that build each other up.

    7. May they know that how God made them is not like anyone else, but they are all amazing and have the potential to change the world.

    8. May they know what they focus their minds on is important and nothing is impossible for them.

    9. May they experience every blessing Jesus wants to give them in abundance.

    10. May they know having a relationship with Jesus is easy, fun, and desirable. Jesus knows them fully and loves them completely.

    And, as teachers of your students, here are two things I would add to pray for yourselves:

    1. May I believe in each student until they each believe in themselves.

    2. May I choose to love each by faith until it becomes a natural overflow of who I am. And, may my love constantly increase for each student.

    I hope you find this resource beneficial for you. You are making a difference in our world by feeding into the next generation. Thank you and be encouraged. God is pleased with you.


    Book to Help Teachers

    “The Academy of Powerful shows that the best way to build a relationship with one we are caring for is to believe in them. If our motivation is to “fix” them, then we are viewing them as deficient, but if our motivation is to love them as Jesus would have, then we will believe the best of them and encourage them to grow into their God-given potential.”

    Russ Rainey, PhD, Pastoral Counselor & Christian Life Coach

    The Academy of Powerful Caregivers is great for teachers because you are often giving and giving without much gratitude. In this book you will find how to continually tap into the deep well that God has for you to love others. Get it now on Amazon.


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