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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : prayer guides : 10 Powerful Abortion Issue Prayers That Release Life

10 Powerful Abortion Issue Prayers That Release Life

    Prayers Regarding the Abortion Issue

    Another Wave of Abortion Legislation

    In the middle of February, legislatures across the United States became an active hotbed on the abortion issue. After New York passed a late-term abortion law, they celebrated by lighting the World Trade Center Memorial pink. Later Virginia’s governor made comments that seemed to suggest mothers should be allowed to let their baby die right after birth if they decided they didn’t want the child.

    Pro life organizations and pro life politicians did their best to make the country aware of the recent decisions. Focus on the Family created a Pledge to End Abortion where they are trying to get as many Americans to sign it, to create a movement where many of us care about the lives of babies.

    • (if you sign the Pledge, you will receive emails from Focus, but you can immediate unsubscribe if you’re not interested in them)

    Not Stirring Up Abortion Controversy

    Now some of you may not be interested in this debate; I’m not going to bring it up again soon. I want you to know that I value the trust you have given me to lead you in a discussion on prayer. For today, I am speaking to those who believe abortion is wrong – at least the current trend to make late-term abortion legal. (I define late-term to be where a baby can successfully live outside of the womb.)

    I don’t want this to be arguments against abortion or a discussion about whether abortion should be illegal – there are plenty of anti abortion arguments and pro life articles available online. But, I do think that as Christians we should be in prayer about abortion.

    While this is an extremely important issue, it should not be a barrier between people. Jesus dined with the tax collectors that buddied up to the Roman government which oppressed Israel. He also met Paul on the road to Damascus to bring a Christian killer into His kingdom. We are ministers of reconciliation; let’s pray to find ways to bring people together.

    Ten Things to Pray Regarding the Abortion Issue

    1. Spirit of Love: While there are needed conversations to be had, may God grant us a spirit of love to be on us. People may leave our fellowship because of our beliefs, but may they not leave because we were un-Christ-like.

    2. Spirit of Truth: We all gravitate to information that supports our beliefs. May God bring truth to the light and remove exaggerations, half-truths, and blatant lies.

    3. Softening of Hearts: Because of choices that have already been made, conversations about abortion often quickly become defensive. May God comfort those that are hurting and may our conversations be filled with grace and love, desiring relationships to be gained or restored.

    4. Humbleness: While we can be sure of what we believe, may our attitudes approaching others be full of humility. Help us to understand others, make them fell safe, and build bridges.

    5. Scripture: Living in the United States means that most people have had some exposure to the truths of the Bible. While that knowledge is getting less in our culture, still let’s pray that God would remind people of the Scripture that they do know and that truth may find a place to reveal more of God.

    6. Spirit of Power: Let’s remember that God is still sovereign and not afraid of what He sees going on in our world. He can come in an instance and change everything. Pray God to remove all fear and timidity off of believers. God is still in control.

    7. Hope: We are not like those without hope. Governments may make decisions, but God can still transform hearts. God, increase our faith in what You can do and will do for those who believe.

    8. Forgiveness: We are not to rejoice over anyone’s problems. We have been given the keys to release forgiveness on others. May our words kindly show the way to life and hope to all who hear. May we be quick to forgive the evil done knowing we have also been forgiven.

    9. Supernatural Blessings: It’s easy to see those on the other side as enemies, but if we do, we will never have a place to speak into their lives. Let our prayers for those who are in favor of abortion be for them to feel the abundant love of God on their lives. May their marriages and family increase in joy and unity. Let’s remember kindness leads to repentance.

    10. Life: The issue of abortion leads us to often focus on the death of babies. While we are to mourn and grieve, we are instructed to overcome evil with good. Our focus is to be on whatever is good, pure, praiseworthy, etc. God, may You fill this topic and every discussion with an abundance of life. Let’s move towards a time when there is so much life being released on this topic that evil and death no longer have a place.

    Prayer for Life; Prayer Towards Life

    I hope you use these topics to lead you as you take this topic to the Lord. When you do pray, please remember the women making these decisions (or being pressured into them), the families affected, the babies who survive, the medical professionals helping, and the politicians creating the laws.

    God is good and wants to overwhelm us with His love. I pray that as you bring this before Him, He will fill you with joy and hope. Thank you for praying.

    Pro-Life Organization Websites:

    If you are looking for more information, here are a few links of some pro-life websites:

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    1 thought on “10 Powerful Abortion Issue Prayers That Release Life”

    1. For the little babies mourn
      For the babies that are yet to be born
      They are only fetusus many scorn
      And mercilessly from their mothers womb torn

      From every corner hear cries for human right
      Yet ears are deafened to the unborns plight
      Never to be heard their sqeals of delight
      Never to be heard sing me a lallabuy tonight

      Mums and dads don’t listen to the establishment lie
      Why should your innocent baby needlessly die
      Why should you in retrospect needlessly cry
      Why should you in hindsight say why why why

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