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view of self

Next to a wrong view of God, our wrong view of self is the biggest thing that keeps us from prayer. These posts expose negative thinking and lead you have confidence approaching God.

Fear Will Disqualify You

Fear Will Disqualify You

    Your fear is the greatest limitation to experiencing the abundant life God has for you. Conquering fear is the quickest way to experience God’s fullness.

    Why Do You Think God Cannot Use You

    Why Do You Think God Cannot Use You?

      I have good news for you: God isn’t in the business of disqualifying any of us. God is doing everything to let us know He has qualified us. God can use you.

      What Does Jesus Think About You? – Part 1

        I wanted to write about how people view God’s thoughts of them and thought this video would be a good introduction. This video is hilarious, but exposes what many think is real, even if carried to an extreme. You might have to listen closely to some of it because of the sound quality. Enjoy!

        You Are Better Than You Think

        You Are Better Than You Think

          If God speaks to us the same aggrandizing words to us that we read in the Bible, why do we question if it is really Him? You are better than you think.

          You’re Not An Embarrassment

            In frustration, her words hurt me. They stayed with me and became how I viewed myself. I needed God to say, “you’re not an embarrassment.”

            You Are Made Beautiful

              All of us have struggled with self-image issues to some degree or another. I’m too fat. I’m too skinny. I’m too small. I’m too small. I don’t like my eyes. I don’t like my nose. My voice sounds silly. I make noises when I breathe. My teeth are crooked. My ears are too big. Whatever you have struggled with, realize that you are quarreling with God. You are saying that God did not know what He was doing when He created you.

              God's Heart Bursts With Longing For You

                And so, to begin with, you might ask yourself, “Did I have a father with whom I felt safe?” and, “Did I know I was prized by my father?” “Was I invited to be a boy, did I get to live a boy’s life as it was meant to be?” You might even want to write out your answers to those questions, especially the follow-up question, “Why . . . or why not?” Tell your story, at least to yourself, and to God.

                God Speaking Through You

                What is God Speaking Through You?

                  Have you noticed there is one attribute of God that really strikes a chord with you? Is there one thing that brings you into the intimacy with God?

                  fear of the lord

                  Why Do We Fear the Joy of the Lord?

                    Jonah knew God’s heart is for repentance, and he didn’t want that for the Ninevites. God enjoys blessing His children, but we often want something else.