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What is God Speaking Through You?

    God Speaking Through You

    Your God Message

    Have you noticed that there is one particular attribute of God that really strikes a chord with you? One thing that is the message of your life?  Sure, you can relate to other parts of God’s character and enjoy them, but is there one thing that brings you into the intimacy with God?

    My God Message

    For me, it is that God intimately cares for me and will release all the power of heaven to take care of me. To put it simply, He wants to be my best friend. He likes me. He likes being with me.

    He hurts when I hurt, even if it is self-inflicted or a misunderstanding. He rejoices in my achievements and wants to help me have more. He will walk through any pain, trauma, or hurtful experience of my past or present to redeem it, so it will not hurt anymore. He has good intentions for me.

    How God Taught Me My God Message

    Several years ago God took me through some experiences that forced me to re-engineer the way I thought. I had terrible thought patterns and was in a constant state of fear of abandonment… a fear that grew with the thought of anyone knowing the real me. (Obviously, hard to have friends this way.)

    God helped me see how He saw me, but more importantly, He showed me how I was not living out of that reality. In several ways, I am still trying to transform my mind to live out of His reality.

    God Wants to Be Your Friend

    This truth about God desiring to be my best friend, my help-mate, is my testimony. It is the message that burns within my bones. It is the message that grieves me when others do not know God in this way.

    This is what motivates me to write this blog. Prayer is communication with the One who longs for you to experience the fullness of life and can help you attain it. Prayer opens you up to receive from God and release things to Him.

    What is God Speaking Through You?

    Your one thing may be different, but find out what it is. That one thing will motivate your walk with Jesus like nothing else. It will also be the source of life to those around you.

    We would love to hear what it is. Share what’s your one thing with us in the comments below.

    Image taken on the STS-127 Shuttle Mission (via NASA).

    2 thoughts on “What is God Speaking Through You?”

    1. The main emphasis I feel God asks of me is to be an example to others in respecting His gift of Life. He has created us as individuals in His image to love and serve Him. To know Him and His will we must begin with prayer & scripture. Loving God, self and neighbor in today’s selfish culture needs enduring prayer and reflection. It is only through prayer that we can make positive changes, not only saving lives, but bringing souls to Him. Our prayer can guide us as individuals in action for ways we can serve Him by serving others.

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