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Why Pray When Fight

Why Pray When You Can Fight – Ed Hird

    God to me was not untrue, but rather irrelevant. I never rejected prayer. It just slipped off my radar screen. I turned to martial arts for my protection.

    be the person you want

    Be the Person You Want to Experience

      God wants to help you become all that He’s calling you into, but He will not force Himself on you. Be the person you want to experience and find God’s help.

      What's So Great About Salvation

      What’s So Great About Salvation?

        So often we think of salvation as this great moment where we gain passage to heaven when we die. What’s so great about salvation? It begins a journey …

        The Bravest Prayer - Batterson

        The Bravest Prayer You Can Pray

          Have you given up praying about something because it seems that God doesn’t what to answer it? The bravest prayer you can pray is to continue praying that prayer you’ve prayed 100 times.

          What Should We Call God

          What Should We Call God?

            I heard it said that God is Abba, but He is still call God, our Father. This preacher thought Dad took away our reverence for God. I didn’t have kids at the time, so I just took it as truth.

            benefits of prayer

            The Greatest Benefit of Prayer

              Prayer reminds us that He is always with us, He hasn’t left us, and He likes us. The greatest benefit of prayer is we remember that God is close.

              Create Safe Community

              How to Create a Safe Community

                You can’t just put up a sign and say you are a safe community. In order to truly be safe, you need to trust in God’s complete forgiveness and His desire to lead others into holiness.