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Prayer Quotes – Rick Warren

“Prayer changes you first. Before changing your situation or others, God wants to work in you.” – Check out more Rick Warren quotes on prayer.

Madame Guyon Quotes

Prayer Quotes – Madame Guyon

God communicates Himself to us in proportion as we are prepared to receive Him. – Inspire yourself with these 40 Madame Guyon quotes on prayer.


40 More Bill Johnson Quotes

Many Christians miss out on God encounters because they are satisfied with good theology. / Check out 40 Bill Johnson quotes to challenge your thinking:

EM Bounds Quotes

Prayer Quotes – E.M. Bounds

E.M Bounds Quotes on prayer: Prayer honors God, acknowledges His being, secures His aid. | Faith thrives in an atmosphere of prayer. – Check out these 35 quotes on prayer.


Reinhard Bonnke Quotes

Faith removes the mountains which unbelief creates. > Come check out 35 more Reinhard Bonnke quotes to increase your faith.


Prayer Quotes – Richard Foster

Prayer is the central avenue God uses to transform us. / Real prayer comes not from gritting our teeth but from falling in love. / more Richard Foster quotes:


40 Graham Cooke Quotes

40 Graham Cooke quotes to help you think brilliantly. For instance, every time God speaks to you, it is to put a smile on your face. Wow! See more:


Prayer Quotes – Oswald Chambers

Be inspired by Utmost for My highest author, Oswald Chambers’ quotes on prayer. Enjoy these 25 quotes or request to get our full list of over 100 prayer quotes by Oswald Chambers.

Prayer Candles

70 Quotes On What Prayer Is

I have collected 2,600+ quotes on prayer from preachers, theologians, and people following hard after God. Which of these prayer quotes are helpful to you?


Prayer Quotes – Oswald Chambers

Oswald Chambers is the author of the popular devotional My Utmost for His Highness. Here are 30 inspirational prayer quotes; also request over 100 more.