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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : prayer quotes : 25 Inspirational Leonard Ravenhill Quotes

25 Inspirational Leonard Ravenhill Quotes

    Leonard Ravenhill Quotes
    1. …a man who kneels before God will stand before men.
    2. A man who is intimate with God will never be intimidated by men.
    3. At the judgement seat the most embarrassing thing the believer will face will be the smallness of his praying.
    4. Even so, to our knees, O Christians! Desist the folly of sprinkling today’s individual and international iniquity with theological rose water! Turn loose against this putrefaction those mighty rivers of weeping, of prayer, and of unctionized preaching until all be cleansed.
    5. Let the fires go out in the boiler room of the church and the place will still look smart and clean, but it will be cold. The Prayer Room is the boiler room for its spiritual life.
    6. Ministers who do not spend two hours a day in prayer are not worth a dime a dozen – degrees or no degrees.
    7. No man – I don’t care how colossal his intellect – No man is greater than his prayer life.
    8. Notice, we never pray for folks we gossip about, and we never gossip about the folk for whom we pray! For prayer is a great detergent.
    9. People are making salvation a mental decision instead of a heart decision. This is a shame.
    10. Prayer in its highest form is agonizing soul sweat.
    11. Prayer is not a preparation for the battle; it is the battle!
    12. Prayer is the most unexplored area of the Christian life.
    13. Prayerlessness is disobedience, for God’s command is that men ought always to pray and not faint. To be prayerless is to fail God, for He says, Ask of me.
    14. The Holy Spirit as the Spirit of Fire delivers us from coldness in prayer.
    15. The Holy Spirit as the Spirit of Life ends our deadness in prayer.
    16. The Holy Spirit as the Spirit of Might comes to our aid in our weakness as we pray.
    17. The Holy Spirit as the Spirit of Power helpeth our infirmity in prayer.
    18. The man who has gotten God’s word in the prayer closet neither seeks nor expects encouragement from men for the delivery of that word. The Spirit himself bears witness of the approval.
    19. The only power that God will yield to is that of prayer.
    20. The secret of praying is praying in secret.
    21. The true church lives and moves and has its being in prayer.
    22. There are two kinds of people: those dead to sin and those dead in sin.
    23. To stand before men on behalf of God is one thing. To stand before God on behalf of men is something entirely different.
    24. Why do we want God to come for? Is it to increase our numbers, to keep our kids from the devil, or are we jealous for God’s glory? For that is what revival is—an invasion of God by the Spirit.
    25. Why did Jesus come? He came that they may know You the one true God. Most Christians today don’t know God.

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    Leonard Ravenhill
    Prayer Quotes Inspiration

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    5 thoughts on “25 Inspirational Leonard Ravenhill Quotes”

    1. Im a backslider who after 14years came back to God.I havent got a church thatvi feel Gods spirit or the an.when i got saved i was delivered instantly in still smoking those e_cigs.instead an im hooked on methadone.its had to get off of an withdrawels,last for months.i was in a annoited cgurch the 1st time.this time @ home.i want the truth.if you not in trith whats the,point.The church an the world look the same act the same.they look like movie,stars.I thought the,word spoke agaisnt tatooes an peiceings in ears short,all this prosperity.I guess it was my parents.My mom wore dresses,long hair no chest very moddest,but a prayer warrior an a burden for souls,they believe jesus is God in flesh an 1 God.saturday is,true,sabbath so we went to church on we celebrated no pagan holidays christmas,easter,valentines etc.we not 7 day ad,an we not jehovah mom an dad have passed an alot of,the older saints.i feel so alone it makes me wonder if im the crazy one.whete do i fit in.i love these quotes which lead me here.any..advice for the tv preachers not all of them.they speak in tongues an it,dont seem real.i dont know but I just want to be delivered, an i want to be in the truth.not decieved or in error.everyon is talking abt rapture the cgurch isnt in any
      shape to be the bride or elect.we need revival first.olz,excuse my spelling im on a cell phone an i cant even check my writing .hope u can read it an give sum.advice
      ..thank you an God bless

      1. Dear Donna,
        I am glad Ravenhill’s quotes were encouraging to you. I’m glad that are coming back to God. The body of Christ is large and has many different expressions. Some come be distracting, but those same things can draw others to Him. Try to not let the diversity in the body discourage you. You asked for any advice. My advice I feel to give you is while you are still getting your feet back underneath you is to focus on two main points of Christianity: 1. Love God and 2. Love others.

        Reacquaint yourself with the God who knows everything your have ever done and yet loves you completely. As you develop that love for Him and become more aware of His love for you. A lot of things will straighten out.

        As you grow in your love for God, you will start to love the things He loves. He loves people… all people. God has placed a little of Himself in each person. Look for it and your relationship with God will take off.

        There are a lot of things you can do and many people will advise you in different directions. Commit to a church. Read the Bible. Get in a small group. and. and. and. All of these things can be good. For you I feel impressed to encourage those two things. Pursue them intently. Ask God how you can grow in them. There are blessings in them for you.

        Thank you for writing your comment.

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