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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : prayer quotes : Prayer Quotes – Rick Warren

Prayer Quotes – Rick Warren

    Rick Warren Quotes
    1. ‎6 ways God answers prayer: Yes; No; Not yet, You be the answer, Trust Me, and Are you kidding me?
    2. A delayed answer to your prayer DOESNT mean God is unconcerned but rather He has a larger purpose for his timing. Trust him!
    3. Don’t pray for an easier life. Ask for more strength. See Rom.4:20
    4. Explanations don’t bring comfort. The love and presence of God does.
    5. God’s power in your life is determined by whether you pray in just special times or all the time. Prayerlessness limits God.
    6. Great pastors know it’s more important to pray for your people than preach to them.
    7. Having FAITH doesn’t mean you have no doubts or fears. It means you trust God and do what’s right in spite of your fears.
    8. HURRY destroys prayer. INNER CALM opens my INTER-COM to God. “Be still…” Ps 46:10
    9. If it’s big enough to worry about, pray about it instead. Don’t suppress or repress it. Confess it to Him. Worry is worthless.
    10. If you only pray when you feel like it, Satan will make sure you never feel like it.
    11. If you’re praying about it God’s working on it.
    12. Most of the time we see what we expect to see, hear what we expect to hear, and feel what we expect to feel about others.
    13. Neither the length nor eloquence of your prayers causes God to answer. God responds to faith.
    14. Never let an “impossible” problem intimidate you. Let it MOTIVATE you – to trust more, pray more, expect more from God.
    15. Pain produces passion which leads to prayer which leads to intimacy with God.
    16. People may refuse our love or reject our message, but they are defenseless against our prayers.
    17. Persistence purifies our prayers. If I’m not willing to pray for something more than once, its a whim, not a real desire.
    18. Prayer can do whatever God can do.
    19. Prayer changes you first. Before changing your situation or others, God wants to work in you.
    20. Prayer is the greatest use of my words.
    21. Prayer isn’t convincing God to do our will but aligning ourselves with His will, which requires overcoming evil with good.
    22. Preaching without praying is pathetic.
    23. Pride prevents prayer, As long as we believe the lie that we’re in control of everything we fail to ask for God’s help.
    24. Samuel prayed “Speak Lord,I’m listening!” Too often we pray “Listen Lord, I’M speaking!” Prayer is LISTENING too.
    25. Thanking God after he answers a prayer is gratitude. Thanking him in advance is faith.
    26. The greatest use of your words is prayer. Talk to God about EVERYTHING, all the time. Maintain a running conversation.
    27. The most dangerous prayer you can pray is just 2 words: “Use me!”
    28. Trying to forget doesn’t work. But you CAN let God give new meaning to bad things that have happened to you. Rom.8:28
    Rick Warren
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    4 thoughts on “Prayer Quotes – Rick Warren”

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    2. Pastor Rick, I became very sad and disappointed when I heard you preach on how a child who was baptized at a young age doesn’t “count” because they were too young to believe. Being baptized as a child was what helped me believe at a young age and into adulthood. Do you realize how many Catholics you’re going to lose by what you are preaching? Yes, I know it says it in the Bible, but I believe that God will accept us if we continue to believe in Him as adults whether we were baptized as a child or as an adult. I have encouraged many of my friends and family to listen to you, however, I hope that they will not become as discouraged as I am now. Sincerely, Lorri

      1. Dear Lorri,
        May God comfort you in the pain you felt from whatever Rick has said. It very difficult to find someone, even among Christians, that we can agree with completely. However, I do believe Rick has some great ideas and life choices that would benefit any believers. This belief that baptism should be at an age of accountability is a core belief of many in his denomination. Just as infant baptism is important to Catholics, Episcopal, and some Presbyterians and Methodists (certainly I’m missing some others). This strong disagreement split the church and even has a blood history. I have many friends and post content from people on both sides of this issue that have helped me and others in coming closer to Christ. Let’s disagree as friends, pray for our enemies, and let our love cover all.

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