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Unlikely Heroes – Help Those Caught in Sex Trade

    Unlikely Heroes sex slavery statistics

    The Dream Culture blog recently posted a story of a lady that witnessed five men abducting a girl in some country. She called to the police, but they would not help. She prayed to God to help her not kill these men and went with a friend who was with her to offer the men a drink. The men were so confused by her offer that the girl was able to get free and run away. This lady did get them a drink and meal and proceeded to build a relationship with them. The story goes on and you can read it on the Dream Culture site. This post turned my mind to the horrors of sex trafficking.

    This Halloween season when fear is celebrated let’s remember that there is a group of people who live in constant fear and need hope: those caught in sex trade. For the love of money, a group of people imprison another group to use and exploit them. Money enslaves many of the young girls (and in some case boys), where they see this lifestyle as their only way to survive. They see no other value in themselves than being objects of lust.

    One ministry that my wife and I have invested in is Unlikely Heroes. It’s founder, Erica Greve, worked in Oakland Children’s Hospital when she first came in contact with girls in the sex trafficking industry. When she asked her superiors about what to do with these girls when they came into the hospital. Was there any treatment facility for them? When she was told there was nothing in the US for them, Erica knew God was calling her to do something.

    Since starting Unlikely Heroes, Erica and her team raise awareness of the issue in the entertainment industry, operate a restoration home for child survivors of sex slavery and exploitation in the Philippines, and provide street-level support services to child victims in the San Francisco Bay area. Unlikely Heroes exists to rescue and restore children who were previously sold for sex in the USA and internationally.

    Unlikely Heroes is one of few who are doing something about this issue. True religion takes care of the widow and orphans (James 1:27). As Christ-followers we speak up for those who have nowhere else to turn (Proverbs 31:8). One of the girls rescued out of a back room of Filipino bar by Unlikely Heroes said, “I didn’t no anyone was coming for me.” We are ambassadors of HOPE, something those caught in the sex trade need (Lamentations 3:20-26 & Hebrews 6:18-19).

    You can give to Unlikely Heroes on their website. If you are encouraged by those who are changing lives, watch this video below:

    Original image courtesy of Unlikely Heroes

    2 thoughts on “Unlikely Heroes – Help Those Caught in Sex Trade”

    1. Hi, Kevin!

      Thank you for stopping by my blog and giving words of encouragement!

      It still amazes me that so much sex trafficking occurs here in the US. I would think that more is being done to stop it. This is perhaps where Christians need to step up and work to rescue those that can’t get out on their own. I’m looking forward to seeing what all I can do!

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