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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : prayer quotes : Reinhard Bonnke Quotes

Reinhard Bonnke Quotes

    Reinhard Bonnke Quotes

    1. Don’t plan with what is in your pocket; plan with what is in God’s pocket.
    2. Faith is a kind of immune system filtering out fears that otherwise would paralyze all activity.
    3. Faith is a leap into the light, not a step into the darkness.
    4. Faith is not presumption but assumption. You rightly assume that God will never let you down—and thus “enter into rest.”
    5. Faith is not the absence of fear; it is its conquest.
    6. Faith is the vital principle of prayer.
    7. Faith removes the mountains which unbelief creates.
    8. Go for the purposes of God, and the means to fulfill them will follow.
    9. God always hears prayer. He cannot make it obvious, but He hears every time we move our lips.
    10. God always works with workers and moves with movers, but He does not sit with sitters.
    11. God answers prayer. For every deadline He will throw you a lifeline. Keep believing and be blessed!
    12. God has a thousand-year calendar with only one day marked on it. It is marked TODAY.
    13. I don’t want to play with marbles … when God told me to move mountains!
    14. Jesus showed us how he lived as the Son of Man so that we would know how to live as the children of God.
    15. Prayer is faith in action.
    16. Praying for God to work is fine, but praying for Him to do what we should be doing is pointless.
    17. The Bible knows nothing about air in a jar, only wind in motion. It knows nothing about the Holy Spirit except in action, in manifestation.
    18. The difficulty is not in knowing His will but doing it.
    19. The first disciples received power but never returned to the Upper Room for another Pentecost. We do not read they had prayer retreats to recover power.
    20. There is no such thing as another Pentecost. The Holy Spirit comes to stay.
    21. Those eternally seeking the will of God are overrun by those who DO the will of God.
    22. We cannot expect divine revelation to be what we imagine; if it was, there would be no need of divine revelation at all.
    23. We never do great things without trying.
    24. What God does, He does through us, in our action. If anybody does nothing, God does nothing with them.
    25. What use is it going to one prayer meeting after another to pray for power if you never do anything that needs power, or your prayers are steeped in disobedience and unbelief? Faith does not come by logic. Remember the feeding of the 5,000? Miracles flow only through hands that distribute bread. Faith and obedience is the vehicle, which carries believers – even timid ones – into the miracle zone.
    26. When you do business with people you need money. When you do business with God you need faith. Faith is the currency of the Kingdom of God.
    27. [God’s will for you] is not something to be discovered by hard searching, prayer, thought and sacrifice. It begins by making up your mind that God’s will is the greatest thing in your life, greater than any success.
    28. Disciples pray because their Master does.
    29. Faith is the power line, but prayer switches it on.
    30. God is as much with you when you are not praying as when you are.
    31. Is it a sign of unbelief to repeat our prayer? That is a mistake. It is little use praying in the first place without faith.
    32. Pray for all men, for Christlessness is terrible.
    33. Secret prayer is the secret of prayer.
    34. The devil will try to stop you from praying because prayer stops him.
    35. To God, nobody is a nobody. Each individual has a value beyond computation.
    36. We have one generation in which to save a generation, not a century.
    Reinhard Bonnke

    12 thoughts on “Reinhard Bonnke Quotes”

    1. thank u Evangelist for your prayer qoutes.i was encouraged so much in my prayer life as i was readng them and know that i should not to plan things with what is in my pocket but with what is in his pocket using faith to him which is the currency of God’s Kingdom…ummmmh this is awesome Evangelist may the Lord continue to give u more prayer qoutes in Jesus Name Amen.

    2. iainehskhem D mawlong

      Dear pastor

      I am a leader in a small prayer group which we used to assemble every monday evening at mawlein a village near shillong city in india but yesterday one local church leader warned us about the danger of prayer that could result negative impact on our life and he also said that satan can capture our prayer in the air so to prevent from reaching to God by citing about denial chapter 10 etc. Is it true that satan can even stop God to answer our prayer ?
      From yours in Christ Jesus

      1. Dear Iainehskhem,

        Thank you for your question. I have addressed this on a post, Can Demons Block Our Prayers? Here is an except that addresses your question:

        “Demons hearing our prayers is sometimes brought up with the question if demons can block our prayers. The suggestion is it is better to pray in our hearts without words so that they cannot hear. That is true demons cannot hear your thoughts (although they are pretty good at guessing your thoughts since they put a lot of them in there). This is a fearful approach to prayer. There is power in the spoken word and verbal prayers have a lot of power in the kingdom. The demonic realm is shaken by the powerful prayers of faith.”

        1. He can never stop your prayers from reaching to God because the ears of God is not too small that he can’t hear you immediately you call upon him
          My dear push through in prayers and everything in your life will fall into place
          God bless you

    3. Am blessed by the quotes on prayer and faith,I am one of the Sons of Evangelist Reinhard bonnke,in the year2000 when he came to KISUMU CITY IN KENYA HE laid HIS hands on me.I long to join His school please help me.

      1. I’m glad you have had a great experience with Reinhard Bonnke. I have no personal connection with him and cannot help with your request. I wish you grace as you pursue your dreams.


    4. Thank you for the great messages. I am burning in my heart to bring more than 50 000 souls to Christ Jesus please pray with me

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