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Eulogy for My Brother – God is Good All the Time

    Scott Shorter Tribute

    Last week my only brother unexpectedly went to be with the Lord. This has obviously been a shock to the family as we have tried to make sense of it all. Last Friday was the memorial and funeral services, which I had the opportunity to share some of my thoughts about Scott and the effects on the family. This will be very personal, but here is my eulogy for my brother as it may help others that have lost loved ones.

    Scott is an amazing man. His playful spirit camouflaged his intelligence. If you only knew him as a teammate or “Mr. Scott” or “Eating Bear”, you may have easily missed this, but he is very smart. He could do many math equations quickly in his head. He excelled and traveled with a specialized technical company. He may be Pooh Bear personified, but he is smarter than the average bear (if I can mix metaphors).

    Scott is also full of fun. Everything is a game to him. Sometimes to an extreme which embarrasses those he is with. Growing up we would go to concerts, and while waiting for it to begin Scott would get the crowd to chant. For instance, “God is good.” “All the time.” “All the time.” “God is good.” The amazing thing to me was not so much he would do this, but that people would respond. But this is Scott.

    Even so, the one thing I absolutely admire about him is that he never met a person he didn’t like, and he never kept himself from anyone. Even in high school while most people are worried about what it may look like if you are seen with certain people. Scott was never “too cool”. Now, I consider myself a kind person, but there are times and people that I will quietly pull away from. I’m not proud of this, but I am aware of it. I never saw this with Scott. He loves everyone and in response everyone loves Scott. They have to. Everybody loves Pooh Bear.

    Sure there were times I didn’t like Scott. I’m sure Jenny had those times too. This happens when you are in relationship with someone, but those times could never last long with Scott. His Pooh Bear qualities always won you over.

    I believe Scott represents God in this way.

    It’s a good bet that there are some here that don’t like God right now. Scott’s life was too short.

    When we’re in relationship with God, there are times we are unhappy with Him over our lot in life. But like Scott, God will win us over with His goodness.

    “God is good.” “All the time.” “All the time.” “God is good.”

    If we cling to this truth, we will walk through this or any tragedy with a different perspective than the world. In Him there is hope. PERIOD. Even if things turn out differently than we think they should. We still hope in His goodness.

    There is power in life, and there is power in death. Sometimes God chooses to display power in a way we would not like Him to. Jesus disciples didn’t like Him talking about His death, but that was how He had planned to display His power. I’m not saying God caused Scott’s death, but He can and He wants to display His power through it. He is after hearts, not comfort.

    Most of you here are Christians. Do you believe God can display His power through Scott’s death?

    With all of the grief, fear, and pain, I think it is important to have a verbal ascent to encourage your faith. Do you believe God can display His power through Scott’s death?

    “God is good.” “All the time.” “Even when we don’t see it.” “God is good.”

    Do you believe God can display His power through Scott’s death?

    Those of you here love Scott. Or, you love his family enough to come and support them today. Now is the time you need to be the safety net for Jenny and the kids, Jeanne and Ken, and even me. Don’t leave us alone. We are human, and we may have a tendency to forget. Remind us of God’s goodness. Tell us we’re okay for grieving. And remind us that God redeems everything. God will work everything out for good. With God we have hope.

    The faith of the net – the faith of our friends and loved ones can carry us.

    Scott loves God. He desires to see children and others love God. And now he is with God. Scott did not say good bye; he is merely saying T.T.F.N. (ta ta for now). Scott has joined the great crowd of witnesses, and he is cheering us on here. He longs to see you again with him… and with God.

    Scott knows… “God is good.” “All the time.” “Even when we don’t see it.” “God is good.”

    In many Christian traditions it is common to follow the offering with singing the doxology. As we offer up Scott to God, I think it would be appropriate as an act of faith in God’s goodness to sing it now. If you would like please join me.

    Praise God, from Whom all blessings flow;
    Praise Him, all creatures here below;
    Praise Him above, ye heavenly host;
    Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

    His wife shared this Facebook post over the weekend. My brother invested a lot of time and energy into children and youth ministry, so this story is from kids he knew. It doesn’t erase the pain of her loss, but it does give a glimpse of God’s hand still in the midst of all of this.

    I just had to share this…(Hazardous is the middle school Wed night program at Hope Community Church…from Jay Reynolds, HCC – “we honored Scott at Haz this past wed nights. Tyler gave a salvation message after sharing about Scott and what happened. We saw 8 students accept Christ for the first time, more students wanting to get baptized and more coming forward saying they had questions. In honoring Scott, more students came to know Jesus on the same night. The holy spirit was in that place!” Thank you Jesus for using this tragedy to bring kids to you…it’s exactly what Scott would’ve wanted.

    Scott’s wife added this new update on Facebook.

    Tonight was amazing at Hazardous, the Wed night Middle School program at Hope Community. 46 kids professing publicly in front of over 300 people (mostly peers) that they accept Jesus as their personal Savior and than getting baptized!!!! Than the song that they closed out the night with was “O Happy Day” which is what [Scott’s son’s] group from Penny Road sang at the Teen Talent Festival last Saturday. God is Good!!


    8 thoughts on “Eulogy for My Brother – God is Good All the Time”

    1. I enjoy and am greatly helped by your blog. I am truly touched by your grief at this time and will be praying for your entire family for God’s love and comfort to overwhelm you at this present moment.

    2. My brother went home to Jesus when he was 21. That was 30 years ago! Your post broght good memories. You are so right. For the believer God is good especially in the painful times. God Bless your family during ths time.

      1. Dear Mike, I am glad this post brought back good memories for you. Death is weird experience because you are sad for your loss but you are happy for their gain. I believe it is a huge opportunity for those left behind to grow deeper in their faith and hope. Thanks for your comment.

    3. Thank you for sharing from your heart to ours. I praise God for the commitment you have to Him. I pray for you to know God is near this week.

    4. Hi Kevin,
      I have no idea if you remember me in the slightest or not. I am the girl who met Scott at Fishnet many years ago. I guess a few years ago (can’t really remember when) we caught up with each other on Facebook. I was so excited to see how his love, faith, relationship with God was still so very strong and growing (not that I thought it wouldn’t be) – it was just a good feeling to know that he was still the same guy I had known so many years before. Anyway, was so very shocked to learn of his passing. I know he is with Jesus, but I still feel for his wife, kids, you and all the rest of his family! I know it has been a short while ago now, but I still think about him and all of you and keep you in prayer. I so very much enjoyed your Eulogy. Praise be to God for Scott’s life – he was an incredible man.
      Thanks for the work you do on this blog as well. Good stuff!
      Myra Huffman Patton

      1. Dear Myra, I don’t think we ever met, but I do remember you. Please pray for Scott’s family if you think about it. Tomorrow would have been Scott’s birthday and yesterday was his wife’s. Thanks for stumbling across this blog. Blessings to you and your family. – Kevin

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