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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : prayer quotes : 40 Graham Cooke Quotes

40 Graham Cooke Quotes

    Graham Cooke Quotes

    1. Perception is the key to power. How you see yourself in Him will provide you with the keys to victory in every situation.
    2. You have to live by faith. You have to believe that God is there when everything says that He is not.
    3. All of the focus of God is on something that is good. Why? Because God is good.
    4. Circumstances are transformed when we think differently about them.
    5. If you develop sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, you won’t need guilt as a motivation; love will be your motivation.
    6. Whatever we focus on, we give power to. Take your eyes off the negative and you will disempower it.
    7. Contentment is the peaceful happiness that comes when we are in awe of how God feels about us.
    8. God’s dream for us is that we would be immersed in the majesty of everything He feels for us.
    9. The power of the heavenly minded is that our hearts and our minds are always in sync with who God is for us.
    10. Getting your needs met is the baby end of life in the Spirit. We must learn to trust the Lord and be confident in His heart towards us.
    11. When we accept His passion for us we can love Him with all our heart!
    12. Learn to look beyond your situation and see the fine hand of God at work!
    13. Learn to walk in God’s perception of who you are, because yours is not good enough.
    14. Faith is the capacity to step out without caution. Faith is not risk, it is an assurance built on hope.
    15. There’s no place for judgment in our hearts. Our words should heal and release people because it is for freedom that Christ has set us free!
    16. It’s possible to go through life without touching Heaven as much as the Lord desires you to. Pay attention to the wonder of it all.
    17. God is always relentless. He is relentless against the enemy. He is relentless towards his people in terms of his kindness and goodness.
    18. When we have substandard view of God, we actually detract from His glory.
    19. God is always going to focus on your new nature because He killed your old one.
    20. God put you in a place where He would always accept you and approve. He put you in the safest place ever. He put you in to Jesus!
    21. Mediocrity is always invisible until passion shows up and exposes it.
    22. God allows in His wisdom what He could easily prevent by His power.
    23. Unbelief is easier than faith because it only demands denial.
    24. There is something about the Father that loves to give. When you are touched by the heart of the Father, you become a giver yourself.
    25. Remember, your circumstances are not the problem. Your perception of your circumstances is the problem!
    26. Joy is the environment of Heaven, and nobody embodies that joy more than the Holy Spirit.
    27. God does not empower you to become like Jesus. He dwells within you to become like Jesus.
    28. We are not suppose to spend our lives by being preoccupied by what we are not.
    29. When the Father looks at you, He doesn’t see anything wrong. He’s not obsessed by sin; He’s not like us. He is consumed by life!
    30. The glory of God is in His unending goodness. His goodness and His glory must fill the earth even as it fills Heaven.
    31. Grace is the empowering presence of God that enables you to become what He sees when He looks at you.
    32. There is nothing more important than what you think about God.
    33. Rest is something that we receive, so we must be willing to allow rest to displace the opposite – worry, fear and anxiety.
    34. We have to see ourselves as God sees us if we are to be everything He wants us to be.
    35. God doesn’t want to talk to you about sin. He wants to talk about the righteousness you lack in that area.
    36. One person walking with God is in the majority.
    37. Hope does not allow the enemy any place to lie to us. It allows no deception. It refuses a negative.
    38. If you have a distorted image of God, you will have a distorted image of yourself. That’s why we must focus on being Christlike.
    39. Rest is a weapon against the enemy. He cannot penetrate your peace.
    40. Jesus spoke of rivers of living water which would flood out from our innermost being. So don’t pray to be filled. Pray for overflowing!
    Graham Cooke

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