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A Fresh Infusion of Truth

A Fresh Infusion of Truth

    The mere fact that God’s words don’t feel true may show areas of needed growth. We need a fresh infusion of the truth to become who God created us.

    How to Bring Revival

    How To Bring Revival

      How do we bring revival to America? to Australia? to Europe? to China? Do we want it? What will it look like? Here are four steps to bring revival.

      Jesse Skinner

      Staying In the Race – Be Encouraged

        You may have setbacks. You may even forget why you’re running sometimes. But rest assured, you are further along than you think. Stay in the race.


        I Have Stilled and Quieted My Soul

          God has called us to be weaned of the world, and to trust him humbly and completely as little children at peace in the laps of their mothers and fathers.

          Grow Your Friendships

          An Easy Way to Grow Your Friendships

            People love others that believe in them. These are the best friends. He who has the greatest faith in me will have the greatest impact on my life.

            Seek Go For Healing

            Seek God for Healing

              So often when get sick, we just go to the doctor and believe whatever they tell us. I took the word of a learned professional and lived in unnecessary pain for 10 years.

              Close Call and Hidden Meaning

                I have not mentioned this in some time, but I believe that God uses everything to get our attention. God has committed Himself to intimacy with His children and will use anything to draw us closer to Him.