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Why Can't I Hear God Speak?

Why Can’t I Hear God Speak?

    God loves me and wants to speak to me, but prayer seems like a monologue. Where is God? Why can’t I hear God speak? Change the way you think regarding prayer.

    How to Pray for Love

      Most of us know that we are lacking in love. With these directions on how to pray for love, you are now clear to receive the promised empowerment to love.

      Is This How You View Prayer?

        We pour our hearts out in a one-side communication to our God who we hope has affection for us. Our prayers are cast out into the empty sea of quietness.


        Prayer Quotes – Richard Foster

          Prayer is the central avenue God uses to transform us. / Real prayer comes not from gritting our teeth but from falling in love. / more Richard Foster quotes:


          40 Graham Cooke Quotes

            40 Graham Cooke quotes to help you think brilliantly. For instance, every time God speaks to you, it is to put a smile on your face. Wow! See more:


            Prayer Quotes – Oswald Chambers

              Be inspired by Utmost for My highest author, Oswald Chambers’ quotes on prayer. Enjoy these 25 quotes or request to get our full list of over 100 prayer quotes by Oswald Chambers.

              Right Thing to Do

              It Seemed the Right Thing to Do

                Sometimes what seems to be the right thing to do is not what God thinks is best for you. Allow God room to speak to you. He wants to lead you.

                Prayer Candles

                70 Quotes On What Prayer Is

                  Want to be inspired by many great pastors and theologians? Check out these 70 quotes on how they define what prayer is.


                  Prayer Quotes – Oswald Chambers

                    Oswald Chambers is the author of the popular devotional My Utmost for His Highness. Here are 30 inspirational prayer quotes; also request over 100 more.

                    Why Does God Have to Whisper?

                    Why Does God Have to Whisper?

                      So many are hungry to hear the voice of God, desperate for something to bring understanding to their situations. Why can’t God speak up?

                      Jesus Can Protect Your Heart

                        Jesus cares about you and over everything. And, as you get His perspective on life, you can know that no matter what happens, Jesus can protect your heart.

                        Tangled Review

                        Tangled Review

                          Tangled was full of the normal elements: fun, action, love story, evil villain, and a touch of magic. However, the villain’s method of evil was different.