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Who is Protecting the Pastors?

    Godly leaders can still make horrendous mistakes. David needed Nathan. Are you brave enough to protect the pastors and leaders around you?

    Preparing for God's Next Season

    Preparing for God’s Next Season

      God is not being tossed to the side waiting for a chance to get back into the discussion. He cares about our world. How do we prepare for God’s next season?

      Getting Quiet Before God

      Getting Quiet Before God

        It is when we quiet our hearts we can hear the voice of God. He longs for a relationship with us and blessings us by speaking what He wants us to know.

        Abundant Living by Kevin Shorter

        Abundant Living by Kevin Shorter

          I have written Abundant Living for people to experience more of God’s joy over them. He has such great ideas for us if only we knew how to catch them.


          Translating God by Shawn Bolz

            If you are interested in growing in your ability to hear God’s voice for yourself and others, I would recommend Translating God by Shawn Bolz.

            Overcome God's Silence

            2 Ways to Overcome God’s Silence

              We have a God that loves to speak. Pray through these two ways to overcome God’s silence and may you be released into a greater awareness of His voice.