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God Wants to Give You Life

God Wants to Give You Life

It’s in the secret place that we were made. From conception to birth, it’s all a parable of our relationship with God. The secret place gives us life.

Focus on Original Sin

5 Reasons We Focus on Original Sin

It seems Christians may be obsessed with the fact we can sin. Is it humility? Here are 5 reasons we focus on original sin and why we need to stop.

Prayers to Build Your Hope

5 Prayers to Build Your Hope

Prayers to build your hope is standing in faith for the things God has promised while circumstances tell us He has forgotten all about us.

Steve and Wendy Backlund Quotes copy

40+ Steve and Wendy Backlund Quotes

These Steve and Wendy Backlund quotes will ignite hope and impart life. Overcome with God by correcting wrong thinking and gaining confidence in prayer.

A Call to Everlasting Joy

Do you have a problem that is too big for your God? Your God is powerful and for you. Nothing can steal your hope. Therefore you can have everlasting joy.

God's Way is Joy

God’s Way is Joy

We are not meant to live in grief. Grief and sorrow drain you of life. God gives life. We are to live in constant awareness of God’s hope that leads us to joy.

A Thankful Heart

Be Thankful. Don’t Be Anxious

We all know Phil 4:6-7 tells us don’t be anxious but pray. However when we pray, we don’t always experience the peace. Here is closer look at Paul’s words.

Sin in the camp explained

Sin in the Camp; Achan was Framed

Sin in the camp is a topic that has brought fear into many Christians. It’s time for that to change. Achan was framed and life is about to be released.