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What Do You Want From God

What Do You Want From God?

    Don’t be well-rounded. Be who you were created to be and change the world doing it. What do you want from God? Become every bit the person He meant for you.

    The Bishop's Wife Movie

    Movie Review: The Bishop’s Wife

      The Bishop’s Wife movie is about a bishop that loses his focus on what is truly important. This is great reminder of Christian love and Christmas spirit.

      A Season of Hope

      A Season of Hope

        Generosity seems to abound. Families and old friends reconnect. Christmas is a season of hope because Jesus has come! God wants to be with you. Grab hold of the hope of Christmas.

        mary shows how to respond to god

        Mary Shows How to Respond to God

          God invites us to be involved with Him. Mary’s interaction with the angel shows how to respond to God. Let’s look at what her faith reveals for us.

          Prayer Secrets from the Wise Men

            The Magi are mysterious. They came looking for the King that the Jews couldn’t find. Here are several aspects of prayer that they highlight.

            God Make Good Out of This

            How Can God Make Good Out Of This

              Have you ever thought how Joseph must have felt through the Christmas story? Here he is engaged to be married to a teenage girl, and she turns up pregnant.

              Best Christmas Songs

              The Best Christmas Songs

                My favorite Christmas album comes from pulling together songs from a variety of artists and albums that I have collected over the years.