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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : prayer guides : 5 Surprising Prayer Secrets from the Wise Men

5 Surprising Prayer Secrets from the Wise Men

    Prayer Secrets from the Wise Men

    Step into the enigmatic world of the Magi, those mystical figures who ventured from the East in pursuing a star — seeking the King of the Jews whom the Jews themselves couldn’t find. And, after escaping back to where they came, they infuriated Herod so much that he goes on a killing rampage.

    Some theories about their origins and purpose in Scripture make for some interesting reading. But, whatever your take on the matter, these men of the East made an impact.

    In the midst of the mysterious tale of the Magi (Matthew 2:1-12), discover profound insights into the art of prayer:

    1. You never know what God is doing in the hearts of others. These were not the Jews. They supposedly did not have the Scripture or direct line from God. Yet they knew the time of the Messiah’s arrival. A reminder that you never know what God is orchestrating in the hearts of others. Let your prayers for the lost be saturated with expectant faith, for God delights in working miracles beyond our understanding.
    2. Be willing to be humble about what you think you know. The Jews thought they had the inside track with God, and these men from the East were presumably Gentiles. However they were the first to properly receive the King with royal gifts. God may surprise you. Be willing to learn new things about God.
    3. Consistent times with God lead to unexpected direction from God. We don’t know much about the wise men… until we do. Don’t despise the consistent (seemingly monotonous) times with God. You are developing connection and a heart that God can trust. He sees your faith and will call on it in due time.
    4. You may need to detour from conventional wisdom when God gives you new direction. These men were heading right back into the waiting trap of Herod, when they listened to a dream to bypass Jerusalem and head home. Your last word from God may not align with His latest whisper. Cultivate a spirit of attentiveness; listen for God’s voice, whether through prayer or the language of dreams.
    5. GOD REWARDS THOSE THAT SEEK HIM (HEBREWS 11:6). The Magi, obedient to God’s guidance, found themselves at the feet of the King in worship. Your pursuit of God through prayer is not in vain; He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.

    Embark on a journey of prayer inspired by the wisdom of the Magi. May this revelation elevate your prayer life, infusing it with expectancy, humility, flexibility, and the assurance of divine rewards. As you kneel in prayer, remember, you’re following in the footsteps of those who sought and found the King.

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