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Prayer Secrets from the Wise Men

    The Magi are some of the most mysterious men in the Bible. They came from the East following a star looking for the King of the Jews that the Jews couldn’t find. And, after escaping back to where they came, they infuriated Herod so much that he goes on a killing rampage.

    Some theories about their origins and purpose in Scripture make for some interesting reading. But, whatever your take on the matter, these men of the East made an impact.

    Here are several aspects of prayer that they highlight.

    1. You never know what God is doing in the hearts of others. These were not the Jews. They supposedly did not have the Scripture or direct line from God. Yet they knew the time of the Messiah’s arrival. Therefore, keep praying for the lost with expectant faith. God likes to work miracles.
    2. Be willing to be humble about what you think you know. The Jews thought they had the inside track with God, and these men from the East were presumably Gentiles. However they were the first to properly receive the King with royal gifts. God may surprise you. Be willing to learn new things about God.
    3. You may need to detour from conventional wisdom when God gives you new direction. These men were heading right back into the waiting trap of Herod, when they listened to a dream to bypass Jerusalem and head home. Your last word from God may not be what His new word will lead you to do. Take time to allow for God to talk to you (or at least listen to your dreams).
    4. GOD REWARDS THOSE THAT SEEK HIM (HEBREWS 11:6). These men obeyed God’s leading and got to worship the King.

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