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What Does Advent Mean

What Does Advent Mean?

    When we break down the origins of the word, we not only learn what Advent means, but also why Advent is important.

    pray for this christmas

    12 Things to Pray for This Christmas

      Jesus came to the earth to make a way for people to come to God. Our prayers can partner with God’s heart. Here are 12 things to pray for this Christmas:

      Where is the Great Joy

      Where is the Great Joy?

        The angels declared great joy for all the people, but shortly afterward great pain entered the region Jesus came. Where is the great joy that was promised?

        Christmas Time Hurry Up

        God is With Us

          With all the added commercialism, there is still the heart of Christmas: Emmanuel – God is with us. May this encourage you this season.

          What's the meaning of Christmas?

          What’s the Meaning of Christmas?

            Christians always try to tell the meaning of Christmas as a Gospel message. It takes out the beauty by making people a project. How did Jesus treat people?

            Free Christmas Music

            Free Christmas Worship Music

              Here is some free Christmas music found on the internet that I have enjoyed. Add them to your holiday playlist and have a merry Christmas.

              What does Jesus What

              What Does Jesus Want For His Birthday?

                What is something practical we can give Jesus this Christmas? I believe one thing Jesus loves about Christmas is how so many more people start singing.

                Dancing to Your Own Beat

                  We each have our own beat to dance to. Other may not hear the beat, but we must still dance because our Father is pleased with our obedience.

                  Thanksgiving Helps Us Enjoy Christmas

                  Thanksgiving Helps Us Enjoy Christmas

                    Thanksgiving brings together family and friends to enjoy relationships and to remember how God has blessed. This is a perfect start to the Christmas season.

                    Why Am I Depressed Over Christmas?

                    Why Am I Depressed At Christmas?

                      Many people have noticed being depressed at Christmas. You are not the only one. Here are some reasons for the anxiety and some ways to overcome it.