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Anyone Who Continues to Sin

Anyone Who Continues to Sin

1 John 3:6 Explained: Only bathed in love from the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, John can have us look at sin without the discouragement of condemnation.

God Moved the Stone

Why Did God Move the Stone?

Taking on the heart of flesh requires moving out of the heart of stone. The stone has been removed, but you need to move out of the tomb.

Prayer Quotes – Armin Gesswein

If God wants us to pray without ceasing, it is because He wants to answer without ceasing!
Prayer is not ever thing, but everything is by prayer.
Prayer is so major we dare not minor on it any longer.

Path Not Intended

The Path Not Intended to Travel

Did God want Abraham to kill Isaac? Was David supposed to kill Saul? Does God lead us into situations we are to choose to say no?

Word of God Living and Active

The Word of God is Living and Active

The Word of God most definitely means the Scripture, but it also means so much more. Looking at the book of Hebrews we pull out the writer’s intentions.


What Do You Think Revival Will Look Like?

We don’t all want revival to come. When revival comes Jesus is in charge – not you or I. What will revival look like? It’ll be something we can’t control.

Do More Fun Things

Summer can be a great time to dream a little and try some new things. The kids aren’t in school. Why not do something you enjoy? Do more fun things.