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Your Perspective Your Choice

Your Perspective is Your Choice

We all have a choice at what perspective we want to have. Do we focus in on the problems or obstacles? What does God want us to focus our attention on?

Pray for hope and faith

Pray for Hope and Faith

To pray for hope and faith, it’s good to pray outloud who God is and how He views you. It gives your faith something to hold onto until you really believe.

Keep Believing God's Promises

Keep Believing God’s Promise to You

Jesus came that we may have life abundantly. For us to actually believe this as true, we will be called to believe Him for things that only He can do.

5 Things to Remember Daily

5 Things to Remember Daily

Sometimes it is good to remind ourselves of what God says is true. Read through this list and choose to believe them over whatever you may feel is true.

Where is the Rest Jesus Promised

Where is the Rest Jesus Promised?

The problem with rest is that we have the definition wrong. We think rest is doing nothing. Jesus defined rest as doing only what He saw His Father doing.

Stress Pollutes Your Prayers

Stress Pollutes Your Prayers

Stress evades our thoughts. Anything other than the object of our stress becomes burdens and obstacles – even family, exercise, and time with God.

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Me?

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Me?

Whatever bad things are happening, they don’t change these two facts: God loves you and sees you as amazing. Look for how He’s revealing this in your life.

target for holy spirit

Become a Target for the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is attracted to people who glorify Jesus. Let the things that motivated Jesus, motivate you and you will always be filled with the Spirit.