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5 Things to Remember Daily

    5 Things to Remember Daily

    It’s Good to Remind Ourselves of What God Says

    Life can be difficult and stressful. Situations draw our focus away from God and steal our peace. We know this is the life God has for us – living under a cloud of worry or doubt. Sometimes it is good to remind ourselves of what God says is true. God says your valuable by sending His Son to die for you, giving you His Holy Spirit, and making you joint-heirs with Christ.

    I have come up with a quick list of five things to remember each day. This list is meant to reorient our thoughts on what God wants for us. We are told to think on things that are good, holy, and praiseworthy. Our thoughts are the seeds of our future actions. Let’s think on such things that will lead us toward greater faith and a deeper awareness of our God.

    1. God Hears My Prayers

    I start with this one, not because you are on the Prayer Coach blog, but because we need to believe God wants to connect with us. Without this connection, we are stranded in the waves of confusion that the world stirs up. God sent His Son to die that we might be brought to His presence. God hears your prayers because you are important to Him.

    If you want to go deeper with this, add the statement, “I Can Hear God Speaking to Me.” Prayer is communication with God and communication is two-sided. Jesus told us that His sheep hear His voice. Later He told us that the Holy Spirit will remind us everything that Jesus has said. Not only does God hear your prayers, but He loves to speak His words of life over you.

    2. I Am Not Alone

    There is nothing that happens to you or anything you go through that God will not also be with you. He will never leave you alone. God is your ever-present help in times of need.

    There are two benefits for this belief:

    1. Comfort that God is there protecting, providing, and directing you.
    2. Safety from doing things to hinder that relationship.

    When we know that God is with us, there is greater confidence to walk in faith that God will see you through. You will also rethink potential sinful actions knowing God is with you then, too.

    When I let my mind meditate on God being with me, I am reminded of His good intentions for me. His face shines on me because He delights in me. This is also available for you. If God is for us, who can be against us? If God is with us, why would we ever doubt His help?

    3. My Thoughts Are Important

    As I mentioned earlier, our thoughts are the seeds of our future actions. Our thoughts fuel our faith and let us to see what God has promised before it happens. Those faith-filled thoughts motivate our steps toward the promise.

    At the same time bad thoughts can lead us into sin or inaction. I used to think I was a failure. That belief hindered me from taking risks because I assumed it would just prove that bad belief. I would also fantasize what it would be like for people to think I was amazing. It led me to become an actor in my own life trying to get people to see me differently than I saw myself.

    While I was trying to perform for acceptance, God wanted me to see myself the way He created me and loved what He put in me. This can still be a journey, but now the less time I have to perform to get approval, the more time I get to spend in being the person God created. This leads to more people enjoying being around me and thinking I’m someone special.

    4. I Have a Future and a Hope

    Therefore, I have a destiny that God created me to live. Each of us has a specific destiny that no one else can live for us. As we become our best self, we will succeed at the destiny He called us toward, because we were created for that destiny.

    God knew what He was doing when He created you. He even knew the mistakes you would make along the way. As we lean into Him and trust Him with our ways, He will make our ways successful. He can redeem the broken things in our lives and make them beautiful. He sees you and still believes in you.

    5. I Can Do All Things Through Christ

    Trying to live out our destiny will lead us to question are ability to do it. These doubts can hinder you from ever starting the journey with Him. Stop that thinking. You are correct without God, it is impossible. But, you are not without God or without hope. You have the same power within you that raised Christ from the dead. Through Christ, there is nothing you cannot do that is good.

    Jesus said that you would be able to do greater things than He did. What will that be for you? Only God knows. But, whatever it is, it will test your faith and will only be possible staying connected to God. Holding unto this belief opens your mind to greater possibilities and excitement for what God may do through you.

    Remind Yourself Daily

    These truths are easy to forget. Daily read through this list and ask yourself what you are having a hard time believing. Then tell God that you will choose to believe that truth today. Choose to believe God’s truths over whatever you may feel is true. Repent of the false beliefs and commit the truths, not only to memory, but to the forefront of your thinking.

    Stick a post-it note with that phrase on your phone. Put it as a background on your computer. Do whatever you need to remind yourself of this truth. God needs you to believe this for you to experience all He has for you. You need to believe them to experience all the joy set before you in Christ.


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