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view of God

Our wrong view of God is the biggest thing that keeps us from prayer. These posts expose negative thinking and lead you to our loving Father.

What Should We Call God

What Should We Call God?

    I heard it said that God is Abba, but He is still call God, our Father. This preacher thought Dad took away our reverence for God. I didn’t have kids at the time, so I just took it as truth.

    God Wants to Provide For You

    God Wants to Provide For You

      God’s provision is easy to believe when things are going well. When we are in need, we start to worry. Prayer reminds us that God wants to provide for us.

      Can I Say No to God?

      Can I Say No to God?

        Sometimes it is easier to turn off our hearts in obedience than to wrestle with God about things we don’t want to do. God wants connection over obedience.

        two trees in garden

        There Were Two Trees in the Garden

          There were two trees in the garden: one was forbidden, the other we lost access to. What is God trying to tell us? How are we to respond?

          How to Cure Our Love of Money

          How to Cure Our Love of Money

            Money is of no concern to us as Christians because as we follow His lead, provisions will come because never will He leave us and never will He forsake us.

            Christmas Time Hurry Up

            God is With Us

              With all the added commercialism, there is still the heart of Christmas: Emmanuel – God is with us. May this encourage you this season.