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The Blessing of the Annoying Love of God

    Annoying Love of God

    Your love is amazing
    Steady and unchanging
    Your love is a mountain
    Firm beneath my feet

    God Showers His Love On Us

    All of our worship songs are filled with how great God’s love is. They are wonderful reminders of His constant affection directed towards us. Jesus’ death on the cross removed all God’s anger over sin that used to cover us. Now the fullness of His love is unceasingly poured out.

    His love is like entering a nice warm shower. You enjoy its warmth. You get yourself clean. However, when you are done and want to get dressed, you can’t stop the shower.

    God’s Love Does Not Turn Off

    I know for me there are days where I am angry or worried. There are other days where I am frustrated with myself. It doesn’t matter how I am feeling, God continues to shower me with His love.

    He is like a faithful dog. You may forget about him or actively try to hurt him, but he just looks up at you like you are the best thing he has ever laid eyes on. He never stops loving you (Romans 8:38-39).

    God always loves us. God loves us when we don’t feel we deserve love. He loves us after we have done something wrong. He loves us as we are doing something wrong. God never gets tired of us (1 Corinthians 13:7).

    The Annoying Love Of God

    In Psalm 139:7-12, David writes about trying to separate himself from God’s love. He asks where can he go to flee from God’s presence. Everywhere he could think of going, he realized God would also be there. He even considered that if he clothed himself in darkness, then surely he could remove himself from God. No, even darkness would not be dark to God.

    The non-stop, ever present love of God can be annoying when we don’t want it.

    The blessing of this annoying love of God is that if we can get rid of it when we want to, then we absolutely cannot lose it if when we want to enjoy it. Let’s don’t take that for granted. Soak in the shower of His love each day. It is refreshing, amazing, and life-giving.

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