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view of God

Our wrong view of God is the biggest thing that keeps us from prayer. These posts expose negative thinking and lead you to our loving Father.

God Always Initiates

God Always Initiates

God is always initiating with us because He is always in love with us. He uses everything. Let us sit back and listen to how He will draw us.

God Wants to Bless You

God Wants to Bless You

We devalue God’s love to think He only blesses us to be a blessing. That’s not love; that’s manipulation. He didn’t spare His Son, won’t He also…

Does God Play Favorites

Does God Play Favorites?

Why are some people’s prayers answered? Some people find success, fulfillment, and basic joy in life. Does God play favorites? God hated Esau didn’t He?

God be disappointed with you

Can God Be Disappointed in You?

When you make mistakes, is God disappointed with you? Does God use displeasure to move us to repentance or is there another way?

Fear is a Powerful Motivator

Fear may bring quick results, but it will always leave a foothold for the enemy. God motivates us with love. He wants us to experience every good thing.

What does Jesus What

What Does Jesus Want For His Birthday?

What is something practical we can give Jesus this Christmas? I believe one thing Jesus loves about Christmas is how so many more people start singing.

God Invites Us to Draw Near

God Invites Us to Draw Near

We cannot out-pursue God. He loves us and wants to be in relationship with us. Therefore whenever we come near to Him, we are assured He will respond.

Speak God-Im Listening

Speak God. I’m Listening.

Instead of just being with God, I’ve been trying to get Him to talk. My worries have created a filter to what I want from God. Maybe He just wants me?