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what is prayer?

Sometimes giving definition to prayer helps expand your view of it.

Preparation Through Thanksgiving

Preparation Through Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving prepares you to experience God, for more blessing from God, for the peace of God, for God’s joy, and to hear from God.


5 Reasons to Have Daily Declarations

If you start the habit of incorporating daily declarations into your prayer life, you will see dramatic changes. Here are the five reasons why:

How Long Should We Pray?

How Long Should You Pray Each Day?

Why ask how long should you pray? Is it so God will bless you? It was never meant to be a duty but a privilege. Let’s bask in God’s desire to be with us.

Faith Without Works

Faith Without Works Interpreted

Most Christians believe that they are saved by grace, but this passage in James can seem to push us back to earn our salvation. Let’s look at interpreting how faith without works is dead.

God Wants You to Know His Love

God Wants You To Know His Love

If you listen for God and hear a voice that is condemning you. And you think it is God. And, I’m here to tell you, that is not God.

Pray for Daughters of Cambodia

* A child is trafficked every 30 seconds. – UNICEF
* The average age of entry into commercial sex slavery in the United States is 13 years old. – United States Department of Justice
* Human Trafficking occurs in 161 out of 192 countries. – The United Nations

Make Time for the Important

Make Time for the Important

Most of us struggle to find time to spend just a few minutes in prayer. God wants to walk with us through this life, but we need to make time for the important.

Heaven is Where God Is

Heaven is Where God Is

As Christians we have the potential to live Emmanuel lives – God with us. We allow others to experience what heaven is like, because heaven is where God is.

How to Pray in the Spirit

How to Pray in the Spirit

Paul commands us to pray in the Spirit everyday as our armor. He also states not to forbid its use. Here is a practical guide how to pray in the Spirit.