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what is prayer?

Sometimes giving definition to prayer helps expand your view of it.

What exactly is prayer?

What Exactly is Prayer?

    Prayer becomes a guessing game on what God wants to do. No wonder we are to pray continually; it’ll take that long to get it right. Let’s think differently.

    Thanksgiving Helps Us Enjoy Christmas

    Thanksgiving Helps Us Enjoy Christmas

      Thanksgiving brings together family and friends to enjoy relationships and to remember how God has blessed. This is a perfect start to the Christmas season.

      How to Pray in the Spirit

      How to Pray in the Spirit

        Paul commands us to pray in the Spirit everyday as our armor. He also states not to forbid its use. Here is a practical guide how to pray in the Spirit.


        How the Devil Encourages You to Pray

          The enemy knows if we get too focused on what we want from God, we can easily be led astray. By becoming too focused on the prayers we lose focus on God.

          Is is okay to pray for a castle

          Is That Okay to Pray For?

            God is calling us to reveal more of ourselves to Him. Yes, it is okay to pray for that because it allows God to know our hearts’ desires. See more:

            Message to the Blog Family

              Because of the loyalty of you coming to the site and reading the posts, search engines are determining this site as an authority on prayer and hearing from God.


              The Prayer List Controversy

                Many have strong opinions against prayer list, but they’re still an important tool in others’ prayer lives. What is the correct view? Add your thoughts:

                Do You Beleive God Answers Prayer?

                Do You Believe God Answers Prayer?

                  Do you believe God answers prayer? That is almost a silly question. Of, we believe. But seriously, let’s be honest, which ones does He answer?

                  Why Can't I Hear God Speak?

                  Why Can’t I Hear God Speak?

                    God loves me and wants to speak to me, but prayer seems like a monologue. Where is God? Why can’t I hear God speak? Change the way you think regarding prayer.