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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : what is prayer? : 3 Reasons to Spend Time with God

3 Reasons to Spend Time with God

    Why Do We Spend Time With God

    Living in a Different Culture

    One of the benefits about living in Asia is that I am constantly reminded I am not from here. I’m not saying anything bad about the Asian culture; it’s just everything is so strange from an American viewpoint. You have the obvious reminders of the different language and the written characters. You eat with chopsticks instead of forks. There is so much rice eaten here that the words for breakfast, lunch, and dinner are: morning rice, noon rice, and evening rice.

    You know something interesting having been here almost a year now – some of the ways they do things is starting to make sense. I wouldn’t say I have acclimated completely. I am still a long way off learning the language, but I do enjoy riding my electric bike through the market like a grocery store drive through.

    We are Ambassadors of Christ

    How does this relate to the us spending time with God? We are called a royal priesthood and ambassadors of Christ. Our lives are to resemble the culture of God’s kingdom (1 Peter 2:9 & 2 Corinthians 5:20). However the longer we are this world’s kingdom, the easier it is to be like the world. Spending time with God recalibrates our lives back to His kingdom.

    1. To Be Reminded Who We Are

    Where I grew up my entire life in America, I still notice the affects of living in Asia. How much more are we all affected by the world. We need time with God to remind us of who we are. God calls us His sons and daughters (Romans 8:14). Therefore all authority of heaven and earth has been given to us. We can release the power of heaven on whomever we want. Wherever our feet step is holy ground because God lives in us. Nothing about us should look like the world because we are from heaven. We represent His kingdom. The laws of heaven are in effect in the places we are.

    2. To Be Reminded What We Carry

    We also need time with God to tell us the specific authority we have. We all have different gifts (1 Corinthians 12:7-11). Do you release faith, mercy, healing, joy, or something else? Knowing what you carry allows you to walk into situations with awareness of your authority. You see someone hurting, and you move towards that person in heavenly power and release God’s kingdom on them.

    3. To Withdraw More of God’s Currency

    Finally, we need time with God to obtain more of the currency of heaven. The world worries about money because it is how the world operates. Heaven runs on love (1 John 4:16). We spend time with God to receive His love and to equip us to see others with His love. You may have the gift of discernment, but as you spend time with God you learn how to discern through a lens of love. You learn how to teach with words bathed in love.

    We spend time with God to be with God and to be like God. If we are to be ambassadors, we need to be reminded of the kingdom we are representing. Do you know God doesn’t worry? Therefore as ambassadors we do not need to worry. In God’s presence is fullness of joy. Therefore as children of God, we are also to be full of joy. Let us align ourselves with God’s kingdom. Let us spend time with Him to remind ourselves whose we are. Let us move forward in our lives representing God’s kingdom here on earth. May those around us recognize the hope in our lives and be drawn to the better kingdom.

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