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Top Ten Business Principles of Jesus

    Jesus' Business Card

    Christians love to put a spiritual lacquer on worldly ideas, but how many of us go the other way and take the life of Jesus as our model. There is no evidence of Jesus trying to monetize His ministry or maximizing His impact. He didn’t use peer evaluations or implement current best practices. Probably most controversial to our culture, He never sweat or toiled in His ministry. And yet, He was one of the few people how felt He accomplished the vision for His ministry.

    Here are some business principles that Jesus lived out. Let me warn you, they are not for the faint of heart. While these may be a bit tongue-in-cheek, it would benefit us to ponder them compared to how we approach business.

    Jesus’ Top 10 Business Principles

    1. Referrals: Referrals are a great way to get your foot in the door places. They establish credibility and trust. Be sure you get one from your mom and dad (John 2:5 and Matthew 3:17).
    2. Marketing: Create a name for yourself as well. Go to all the best parties. If the alcohol ever stops flowing, make sure you replenish with the best (John 2:9-10).
    3. Conferences: Have people journey to you so that you can teach and distribute your message. Food can be expensive, therefore only allow for one meal per day. You can save money if you get everyone to split the same meal –  even better if you take the lunch from one of the conferees (John 6:1-15).
    4. Sales: Convincing someone to buy what you are selling them always comes easier if you read their mind (John 4:39).
    5. Time Management: People will always be pulling for your time. The more urgent they are, the more you should drag your feet. It’s best for their request to die before granting it (Luke 8:49-50 and John 11:6, 14-15).
    6. Encouragement: Notice the good deeds of others, but be sure to let them know they didn’t come up with it themselves. Stay off any potential egos with a little name calling (Matthew 16:17, 23).
    7. Growth: Growth is overrated. If you start to gain a following, say something controversial to drive people away (John 6:60, 66).
    8. Goals: Make your highest goal be what your friends try to keep you from and what your enemies try to push you toward (Mark 10:32-34).
    9. Finances: Don’t worry about money. In fact let someone else have charge over that (Matthew 6:34 and John 12:6).
    10. Succession Strategy: Choose people who will desert you in your time of need (John 16:32).

    I guess this is why there is no WWJD book of business. What other business principles of Jesus would you add?

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