Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : what is prayer?

what is prayer?

Sometimes giving definition to prayer helps expand your view of it.


What Motivated Gethsemane?

Jesus at Gethsemane needed something before going through the suffering that He could only get from prayer. He reoriented rulership of His spirit over body.

Right Thing to Do

It Seemed the Right Thing to Do

Sometimes what seems to be the right thing to do is not what God thinks is best for you. Allow God room to speak to you. He wants to lead you.

Pray for Daughters of Cambodia

* A child is trafficked every 30 seconds. – UNICEF
* The average age of entry into commercial sex slavery in the United States is 13 years old. – United States Department of Justice
* Human Trafficking occurs in 161 out of 192 countries. – The United Nations

5 Things to Pray for Israel

5 Things to Pray for Israel

As Christians we are to be concerned with what is going on in Israel and actively praying for it. God is still in love with Israel as children of Abraham.

Preparation Through Thanksgiving

Preparation Through Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving prepares you to experience God, for more blessing from God, for the peace of God, for God’s joy, and to hear from God.

Why Christians Should Pray for Healing

Why Christians Should Pray for Healing

As we read the Bible verses about healing, we then have confidence that it is God’s will to heal the sick person. I pray for healing because God says to.

Communicating With God

Communicating with God Not Just to God

Paul tells us to pray without ceasing. He wasn’t encouraging us to constantly read over our prayer lists. Prayer is communicating with God, not just to Him.

Taste Again that the Lord is Good

I enjoyed it because it showed people I know and have had over to my home. Bob and Gloria Bruce have walked with the Lord and have been given a wealth of wisdom and character. I loved that the video showed him eating ice cream, as he says he eats it all the time now. The video also showed many other friends from Reynolda where my wife and I attended while living in Winston Salem.