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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : what is prayer? : I’m the Greatest Good You’re Ever Gonna Get

I’m the Greatest Good You’re Ever Gonna Get

    One of the biggest problems people encounter with prayer is finding the time. Our lives are so full of urgent requests and needs that we find it difficult to set aside time to spend with God. When we need some help from God, all we can get out is desperate cries.

    The scene is very similar to the scene from the Incredibles where Frozone is at home when a mechanical robot start reeking havoc outside his apartment window. He quickly tries to get dressed to go battle the droid, when he realizes he cannot find his supersuit.

    He cries out to his wife for help. She wants time with him. All Frozone can see is that he needs to go help the world. She is upset because he is not giving time to her. The money quote is when he yells, “We’re talking about the great good!” Her reply… “I am your WIFE. I’m the greatest good you’re ever gonna get!”

    What Can We Learn About God Here?

    God wants to be wanted. He will use anything and everything to get your attention. When our lives seem out of control and we so badly want God to engage in our circumstance, we need to remember that God is not in a hurry. He can make anything happen. He can stop time, move mountains, change people’s hearts. He can compensate you for your time. Will we trust Him?

    Deep down we need to start believing that God is good. He is the greatest good that we will ever have. He loves us and wants to take care of us. He knows what is best. We will never be disappointed for going to Him.

    What are some ways you can make sure to carve out time for God this week?

    2 thoughts on “I’m the Greatest Good You’re Ever Gonna Get”

    1. I take my commute time to pray, worship, and listen to the Bible on CD. Since I can’t do to much while in the car this is a great use of my time. It also prepares me for the day.

      1. That’s a great idea. How much do you think I can get in on a 20 second commute. I think you may be able to make a case that commuting makes you more spiritual. 🙂

        It works best for me to wake up early before the kids, so I can have the house quiet and to myself.

        Thanks for your comment, Dan. Hope you are well.

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