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Worship Out Loud

Worship Out Loud

    If you’re feeling distant from the Lord, worship out loud. Tell yourself, I don’t care how I feel, I’ll choose to turn my heart toward the One I love.

    Jesus Showed Up

    Jesus Showed Up

      Sometimes we are so caught up in trying to convince people of the Gospel that we forget to give people a chance to experience Jesus for themselves.

      Prayer Quote – Dick Eastman

        “Prayer is the divine equalizer. Some preach, other teach, a few sing publicly, but all can pray.” – Check out these Dick Eastman quotes on prayer.

        IHOP Allyson Prior

        Love You Rightly by Allyson Prior

          Love You Rightly by Allyson Prior has had a great effect stirring up devotion in me personally as I have listened to it repeatedly. I hope it blesses you.

          Just Do It

          How to Grow in Your Faith: Just Do It!

            Whatever it is, I will commit to just do it. I will not wait until I am perfect or until I have it all figured out. I will just move forward with faith.

            how to give thanks

            How to Give Thanks

              Don’t be discouraged or stressed by how to give thanks, just allow your gratitude for all He has done for you freely flow out of you. God will be pleased.