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How to Grow in Your Faith: Just Do It!

    Just Do It!

    New Year’s Resolutions

    New Year’s resolutions have always been something I have avoided. Mainly because they have always been a reminder of my failure to keep them, and I don’t need that type of discouragement. Now with this disclaimer out of the way, I believe I have come up with the best New Year’s resolution possible.

    • I resolve to just do it this year.

    Whatever it is, I will commit to just do it. I will not wait until I am perfect. I will not wait until I have it all figured out. I will just move forward with faith.

    God is less concerned with us getting it wrong as with us not following through with what He has shown us.

    How Does Not Doing It Hinder Your Walk With Jesus?

    This can be in prayer. Many people are stuck from moving forward with consistent prayer because they feel they do not know how to do it.

    • What about praying with your children?
    • Praying with your spouse?
    • Praying with a friend who is in need?

    They need to hear your heart of love for them and your dependence on Jesus. You can always grow in prayer, but do not let your level of growth limit your willingness to step out in faith. It is easier for God to steer a moving ship then one that is still in the harbor.

    When I used to work with college students, this was an excuse for sharing their faith, leading Bible studies, investing a summer for missions, etc. I’m not ready. I have never done it before. I do not know what to say. I don’t have all the answers.

    If you let your inexperience limit your willingness to try, you will always be inexperienced.

    What Are Some Biblical Examples of Those Who Just Did It?

    We as a community of believers have bought into a lie that we have to be perfect before we do anything for the Lord. Look at Jesus. Yes, He was perfect, but the people He surrounded Himself with were not.

    Peter, the one He decided to head the church, was notorious with sticking His foot in His mouth. None of the other disciples had Jesus refer to their comments as being from Satan. But also none of the others had a comment attributed to God.

    Peter walked on water, he made gutsy statements, he stood up to Jesus, he defended Jesus by attacking an army of soldiers,… he was a man of action. And, Jesus did not condemn him for it. Rather Peter was rewarded.

    John, the disciple whom Jesus loved, and his brother James were no less brash. They asked to be Jesus’ top men in the coming kingdom. They were nicknamed the sons of thunder. John was the lone disciple at the cross being willing to be identified with the One on the cross. James was the first disciple to be martyred. Their mistakes may not be as widely known, but they were obviously willing to step out with the outcome unclear.

    What Will I Plan To Just Do This Year?

    For me personally, the area I feel God leading me to move forward in faith is in singing. I actually like to sing. I am one of the loudest singers you will ever meet.

    Unfortunately, I lack rhythm and have a hard time remembering words. This is not a good combination for someone who can be heard by everyone. A worship leader of a several hundred member congregation told my wife that she could always tell when Kevin is here. Kids frequently turn around and stare at me.

    You may be saying what is the dilemma? My dilemma every week is should I sing with the potential of throwing off others by being off key or by using the wrong words, or should I just let it blare as I enter into God’s presence? Should I be silent that others might enjoy the worship more, or should I trust God to either allow my voice to enhance the worship or allow the others to tune out my mistakes? As with the life of following God’s leading, there is no set answer besides asking God each week what He wants.

    But, with this said, I can improve my singing. This is something that I have never pursued. I can take lessons to know how to better keep in key and follow rhythm. God has given us each gifts, but He also wants us to grow in those gifts. Practice is the best way to grow, but instruction is also great. You cannot divorce the two. My just do it decision is to pursue these lessons.

    What will you plan to just do this year?

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