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My Heart – Christ's Home

    My Heart Christ's Home

    While in college I read a booklet by Robert Boyd Munger called My Heart Christ’s Home. It had you imagine taking Jesus through different rooms of your heart. Jesus would ask about certain rooms or closets to show His interests were all of you. He never pushed His way in, but you knew His desires.

    I was reminded of this in worship the other day. There was this song that had an invitation for the Holy Spirit to make His home in us. As I sang I thought about the house guest that my wife and I have staying with us. I thought about how different it would be if they not only guests but if our house was truly their home.

    • They would be able to trash it if they wanted.
    • they could invite people over they wanted to have.
    • They could empty the fridge eating whatever and then fill it with things they liked.
    • They could hang pictures up of things they were interested in.

    Then I thought, does the Holy Spirit have this open invitation in my heart? Can He invite the people over He wants to be with? Sure He would invite Jesus and God the Father over some, but He would probably also invite over some who are needy and emotionally draining.

    Can He spend the resources of my heart on the plans He has? Or, do I tell Him what I have time and energy for? What if He schedules something over the big game? What if I was saving something for myself?

    My mental dialogue with this idea ended with me thinking of the Holy Spirit hanging up pictures in the “living room” of my heart. And, in the focal point of the room, He hung up an 8×10 picture of Jesus. I laughed and then the worship team transitioned to another song.

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