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Faith Without Works

Faith Without Works Interpreted

Most Christians believe that they are saved by grace, but this passage in James can seem to push us back to earn our salvation. Let’s look at interpreting how faith without works is dead.

Hebrews Bible Study

Hebrews Bible Study

This Hebrews Bible study can be used individually or as a group study. Hebrews will be our focus; this study will be a tour guide to enhance the journey.

How to Make a Good Confession

How to Make a Good Confession

The Bible says we are to confess, but what is the objective? Are we just agreeing to our mistakes? Jesus shows us how to make a good confession.

How to succeed in a seemingly hard place

How to Succeed in a Hard Place

Living overseas people love to come and give us refreshing. I appreciate their heart, but can we succeed to such a level that we are always overflowing?

Does God Play Favorites

Does God Play Favorites?

Why are some people’s prayers answered? Some people find success, fulfillment, and basic joy in life. Does God play favorites? God hated Esau didn’t He?