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How to Pray in the Spirit

How to Pray in the Spirit

    Paul commands us to pray in the Spirit everyday as our armor. He also states not to forbid its use. Here is a practical guide how to pray in the Spirit.

    5 Ways to Find God

    5 Ways to Find God

      Too often we don’t notice when God has moved to something else or is no longer with us. If you feel alone from God, try these 5 ways to find God:

      Madame Guyon Quotes

      Prayer Quotes – Madame Guyon

        God communicates Himself to us in proportion as we are prepared to receive Him. – Inspire yourself with these 40 Madame Guyon quotes on prayer.

        If God is For Us

        If God is for Us…

          This phrase, “if God is for us,” is very transformational. Not only do we feel safe in who can be against us, there are 25 other truths we can hold on to.

          Word of God Living and Active

          The Word of God is Living and Active

            The Word of God most definitely means the Scripture, but it also means so much more. Looking at the book of Hebrews we pull out the writer’s intentions.