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Read The Bible To Spend Time With The One Who Wrote It

    Mylon LeFevre Preaching

    When I was introduced to Jesus, the man preaching encouraged us to not only read the Bible, but spend time with the One who wrote it. This is foundational to how we should approach the Bible. The reason it is living and active is because the Holy Spirit interacts with it and us to transform our thinking and move it deep into our hearts. When you read it as any other book, your worldview interprets what you are reading before it gets to your conscious mind.

    Most of Christianity strongly exhorts you to study your Bible. While there is a place for this, oftentimes we apply this by gaining knowledge about the Bible. Again, this sounds good, but Paul tells us that knowledge puffs up (1 Corinthians 8:1b). It leads us away from love and into pride. It also allows us to maintain a distance from God while appearing religious. God freed us of our sin in order that we may see fully His desires for us and give ourselves completely to Him.

    When you read the Bible, ask God what it is that He wants to share with you that day. Interact with the passage. Imagine what was going on and how those who were there were thinking. Receive the promises spoken as for you. Ask God if you really believe them as true. What is holding you from complete and wholehearted trust in what He is communicating? Have the Bible reveal the secrets of your heart and attack the lies to transform your mind (Romans 12:2).

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