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Prayers of the Apostle Paul

43 Biblical Prayers of the Apostle Paul

Since the Apostle Paul gave us the majority of the New Testament epistles, we can learn a lot from his teachings on prayer and the prayers he left for us to read.

Lead Our Children to Love God

Lead Your Children to Love God

There are times where we feel like we are failing. We have all been there. Here are 10 blog posts to help you raise your children to love God.

Pray for Your Students

10 Things to Pray for Your Students

As a Christian, you want to be a positive influence on your students. As such, prayer is your lifeline. Here are 10 things to pray for your students.

pray for this christmas

12 Things to Pray for This Christmas

Jesus came to the earth to make a way for people to come to God. Our prayers can partner with God’s heart. Here are 12 things to pray for this Christmas:

Christians Embrace Halloween

Should Christians Embrace Halloween?

Some Christians condemn Halloween, some create a family-friendly harvest festival, and others will embrace Halloween completely. How should you navigate it?


How to Pray for Muslims

Muslims will never be open to the love of Jesus if all they know is the religion of Christianity. Check out these five areas you can pray for Muslims.


The Prayer List Controversy

Many have strong opinions against prayer list, but they’re still an important tool in others’ prayer lives. What is the correct view? Add your thoughts:

What to Pray for Your Husband

10 Things to Pray for Your Husband

You want the best for your marriage and family. Powerfully partner with God on your behalf. Here are 10 things to pray for your husband.