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The Importance of Being You

The importance of being you is that the Holy Spirit helps you become the person God created you to be. Favor and blessing flows from heaven as you are you.

How to Impact Nations

When we enter into the throne room of our King, we can carry with us the hope of nations. Being in God’s presence is how to impact nations.

10 Things to Pray for your Pastor

10 Things to Pray for Your Pastor

Unfortunately events occur that remind you to pray for your pastor. They may not ask you for it, but they need your prayers. Here’s a list to help you pray.


Prayer Quotes – Heidi Baker

Be inspired by these Heidi Baker quotes like “when you are in love with Jesus, then all you do will radiate Him”. Read 22 Inspirational Heidi Baker Quotes.

The Gift of Weakness

Gideon’s Wonderful Weakness

As you give yourself to God, your weakness becomes your greatest strength. God promises to be strong in our weakness, as we look to him with trust & faith.

Grow Your Friendships

An Easy Way to Grow Your Friendships

People love others that believe in them. These are the best friends. He who has the greatest faith in me will have the greatest impact on my life.


How I View the Christian Life Should Be

I feel Christians should have some special advantage over the rest of mankind. Why not? We have the living God within us. Why are we not ruling the world?

Jesus Showed Up

Jesus Showed Up

Sometimes we are so caught up in trying to convince people of the Gospel that we forget to give people a chance to experience Jesus for themselves.