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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : prayer guides : 7 Steps to Leading People Into God’s Presence

7 Steps to Leading People Into God’s Presence

    Leading People into God's Presence

    At first glance you may consider this post to be for worship leaders. I definitely had them in mind, but a desire to lead people into God’s presence should be a passion for all believers. Our love for others wants what’s best for them, and being in God’s presence is the best thing for everybody. Also, when the people we are around are in His presence, then we are more likely to stay there. Therefore let’s get as many people to go there and create our own mini-revivals. Here are 7 steps to leading people into God’s presence:

    7 Steps to Leading People Into God’s Presence

    1. Be In God’s Presence Yourself

    We have to pull, not push, people into God’s presence. We cannot manipulate, conjole, or shame anyone there. The invitation into God’s presence comes from the inside. Jesus said that no one can come to Him unless the Father draws them (John 6:44). As people see you in the presence of God, their hearts will also be drawn in. Here is a link about 5 characteristics of those who live in God’s presence.

    2. Praise God

    God inhabits the praises of His people (Psalm 22:3). The quickest way for you to enter God’s presence is through praise. This activates your awareness of the Holy Spirit and increases angelic activity. Other people will be pulled into the presence of God you gave room for through your praises.

    3. Focus on God and What He is Doing

    Let us fix our eyes on Jesus. As He is our focus, the Holy Spirit will come alongside to help us. God wants people to be with Him more than we do, so let God lead you. The pressure should be on Him to lead others into His presence, not you.

    4. Don’t Point Out Blockages

    Pointing out what is holding other people back from God puts them on the defensive and makes them less likely to follow you. You can’t shame someone towards God. Satan is the one trying to keep people from God. Therefore pointing out blockages removes our focus from God and unto His enemy.

    5. Speak Out What God Wants To Do

    There is power in your voice. We have been created like God, and He created the world through the spoken word. If you recognize a blockage, know that God wants it removed and speak to the breakthrough. God’s Spirit will come and activate the declaration made in accordance to His will. Your words are invitations to others to enter the presences of God that you are in.

    6. Have Fun

    In God’s presence is fullness of joy (Psalm 16:11). God is never out of control. He is never trying to catch up to the circumstances around you. He is perfectly sovereign and can enjoy you at any moment. As you represent His joy and delight, people will be drawn to the goodness of God and want to enter His presence.

    7. Give God Your Best

    Whatever you do, do it with all your heart as unto the Lord (Colossians 3:23). As we give our best unto the Lord, it will be sanctified and rewarded. Too many start with this step, which puts all the effort to lead others on ourselves. Excellence is a beautiful trait when given in its proper place. Only with our focus on God and our reliance on Him can we lead others into God’s presence and not into admiration for our skills.

    May this post give you encouragement and hope to see more people enter into God’s presence. Let me know how you have been able to use this in leading others. If you have any ideas or questions for future posts, include them in the comments below.

    May you enjoy God’s presence in a whole new way today. He loves you.

    leading people into God's presence

    10 thoughts on “7 Steps to Leading People Into God’s Presence”

      1. 1) Presence of God brings healing -Isaiah 40:30
        2) Presence of God brings joy- Psalm16:11/ Nehemiah 8:10 The joy of the lord is my strength.
        3) Presence of God brings deliverance Isaiah 10:27
        4) Presence of God brings revelation 1 Corinthians 2:11

    1. Hallelujah! That’s an awesome article. I am browsing around, getting ready for Easter Sunday. There are so many people at church then, who normally don’t go. We went them to experience the presence of our most high God.

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    3. Good day. Great thanks for the enlightening Word of God. May I please have more details on how I can personally enter into God`s presence. This is because in order to lead people into God`s presence, I should be also in God’s presence, that is why I need more details on how I can personally enter into God`s presence. Thank you in advance..

    4. I think you missed the most important step. First thing you should do is repent and ask God for forgiveness. Cleansing yourself with the blood of jesus…

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