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Fear Will Disqualify You

Fear Will Disqualify You

Your fear is the greatest limitation to experiencing the abundant life God has for you. Conquering fear is the quickest way to experience God’s fullness.

Why Most Christians Are Not Happy

Why Most Christians Are Not Happy

If joy is in the fruit of the Spirit, if the joy of the Lord is our strength, and if God has anointed us with the oil of gladness, then why is joy, happiness, and laughter not characteristics of the church?

Fear Casts Out Love

Fear Casts Out Love

If we bring fear into the equation, love is going to leave. Fear casts out love. People eventually rebel when motivated by fear; love keeps us motivated.

How Can God Make Good Out of This?

How can God make something good out of this? Whatever painful circumstance you have endured, take it to Jesus. Allow Him to interpret it for you.

fear of the lord

Why Do We Fear the Joy of the Lord?

Jonah knew God’s heart is for repentance, and he didn’t want that for the Ninevites. God enjoys blessing His children, but we often want something else.


Prayer Quote – Francis Chan

“Isn’t it a comfort to worship a God we cannot exaggerate?” – Read 15 Francis Chan quotes on prayer that will inspire you.

What are You Afraid to Ask God

What Are You Afraid to Ask God For?

If you do not see God is good, you will not ask Him for things you care about. If you are afraid He will not come through, you will not persevere in prayer.